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HashFlare Cloud Mining Service Terminates All Bitcoin Mining Contracts

HashFlare was one of the most popular services offering Bitcoin cloud mining until they abruptly terminated all Bitcoin mining contracts on 20 July 2018. Apparently, there is a clause in their terms of service that if maintenance and electricity fees become higher than mining revenue then they have the right to permanently terminate mining contracts. […]

Ukraine’s Proposal for Steps to Regulate Crypto Revealed as Popularity Grows

The Ukraine National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSMCS) has indicated that the Financial Stability Council (FSC) is considering further crypto regulation in that country. The FSC is the Ukrainian body responsible for assessing and minimizing risk in the country’s national financial sector. The council comprises of the Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine, […]

Hydro-Québec Sets Out Clear Vision for Crypto Mining Future

Quebec, now becoming fast becoming North America’s mining hub due to its cheap energy prices, is under pressure to clarify exactly what Hydro-Quebec has planned for the province’s future; a recent interview with the public utility reveals some of the misconceptions and truths behind recent public criticism. Much of the criticism has come from the […]

Black Gold, Texas Tea? No, Crypto Mining Next Big Thing in the Lone Star State

The US state of Texas and oil seem completely synonymous, with even a long-running TV series based around the black stuff, but now it seems there’s another money spinner in town; crypto mining. It seems that more and more Texans are taking to small-scale home-operated crypto mining according to the Dallas Morning News, and leaving […]

US Congressman Brad Sherman Asks for Crypto Mining, Trading Ban

During a subcommittee for the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee on Wednesday, California Democrat Brad Sherman boldly declared his belief that all cryptocurrency mining and trades should be banned across the US. Sherman’s arguably excessive comments went so far as to inaccurately determine the primary use of cryptocurrencies for tax evasion, and even for rogue […]

Bitmain Expanding Israeli Blockchain and AI Research

Bitmain is tripling the size of its Israeli development center located in Ra’anana, adding 40 programmers, engineers, and marketing experts to the pre-existing team of 15 people. Bitmain’s Israeli development center was established in 2016, and focuses on operating the ConnectBTC mining pool, developing blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence (AI). The manager of the Bitmain […]

Kodak-Branded Bitcoin Mining Scheme Collapses Amid Scam Rumors

A Bitcoin mining scheme working under the Kodak brand has ceased operations, while Kodak has told the BBC it never officially licensed the project. The Kodak KashMiner was launched in January this year and featured on the official Kodak stand during the CES technology show in Las Vegas. Critics accused the scheme of advertising unachievable profits and misleading […]