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Microsoft Favors Layer-Two Blockchain Scaling Solutions Over Block Size Increases

There have been a lot of interesting discussions regarding the scaling of blockchain technology. So far, a lot of progress has been made in this regard, even though it seems there is no perfect solution in place. According to research by Microsoft, on-chain scaling is best seen as a temporary solution, but in the long […]

Microsoft Announces Blockchain-Based Decentralized Identification System

Following a collaboration with the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF), tech giant Microsoft has revealed plans to utilize blockchain technology to solve some of the challenges faced in managing identities and personal data digitally, including users’ concerns on privacy and security. In today’s post, entitled Decentralized Digital Identities and Blockchain – The Future as We See It, […]

Singapore Airlines To Use Blockchain Technology For Frequent Flyer Program

Singapore Airlines plans to use blockchain technology to give its frequent flyers a new way to spend their accumulated miles, the company announced on Monday. According to the airline, the blockchain-based wallet, which will be launched in six months, will enable members of the KrisFlyer program to spend their air miles at retail partners for […]

Alibaba and Microsoft AIs Outperform Humans in Reading Test

Machine learning is one of the more interesting industries to keep an eye on right now. Various technology giants have shown a great interest in this technology, with varying degrees of success. Both Alibaba and Microsoft seem to be capable of developing “smarter” machine learning models. So smart, even, that their creations have surpassed human scores on […]

Microsoft Finally Brings End-to-End Encryption to Skype

In the world of technology, end-to-end encryption has become more important than ever before. Given our society’s tendency to use instant messaging and social media apps on a daily basis, the information we distribute should be encrypted at all times. Skype, one of the world’s most popular communication tools, is finally introducing end-to-end encryption. This is made […]