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Prominent CEOs Upbeat on Bitcoin with 10K November Prediction

Some prominent CEOs have been speaking out on where they see the cryptocurrency market heading as it moves beyond 2018 into the future and the synopsis is upbeat. With co-founder of BTCC Bobby Lee predicting that when Bitcoin passes the USD 60,000 price level in the coming years, it’ll reach a total circulation value of USD […]

Why ICE and Starbucks’ Bakkt is Bigger News Than Bitcoin ETF

In a recent interview, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee noted that although prices are “depressed,” it is an optimal time for developers to keep their heads down to focus on the maturation of this industry. And it seems that some innovators have done just that, as a multinational firm announced an exciting new development that will only bolster this industry over… […]

PwC: 84% of Companies Active in Blockchain but More Trust Needed

A new report out by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) illustrates the degree to which companies are now seeing blockchain as an essential business tool. The report shows that out of companies surveyed, 84% were actively involved in blockchain technology in some way. The PwC 2018 Global Blockchain Survey included 600 company executives for 15 different regions. “Everyone […]

Prominent Analyst: Bitcoin is Significantly Healthier in 2018 Than 2014, Optimistic

Willy Woo, a cryptocurrency researcher and respected investor, has said that the 2018 Bitcoin correction will not turn out to be like the 2014 slump, when the price of Bitcoin dropped 90 percent and remained in a low price range for several years. In essence, Woo stated that the structure of the cryptocurrency exchange market… […]

Intel, Microsoft Took 10+ Years to See Gains, Crypto Investors in Good Position

As the crypto market fell from 2018’s all-time highs, many short-sighted investors began to declare that “prices would never recuperate.” While this bearish sentiment is the byproduct of the unwarranted elation and irrational exuberance experienced in 2017’s bull run, many industry leaders have continually noted that crypto’s journey to worldwide acceptance won’t happen overnight. “Change Your… […]

Crypto Price Week in Review: All Major Currencies Fall After SEC Postponement

Bitcoin (BTC) At press time, bitcoin is trading for just over $6,400, a price it managed to secure yesterday afternoon. The currency has been the victim of several price swings over the last few days, which likely stem from the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC’s) announcement that it was postponing its decision regarding the VanEck […]

Why a Respected Analyst Believes Institutional Investors Will Not Commit to Crypto in 2018

Gabor Gurbacs, the director of digital assets at VanEck, recently said it remains uncertain whether institutional investors will commit to crypto in 2018, due to the regulatory burden on the asset class. Price Isn’t Reacting to Positive News Since early August, the cryptocurrency sector has seen some of the most positive developments in the industry’s […]