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Cryptocurrency Market Decline Caused by Strengthening Dollar

A senior market analyst at eToro, Mati Greenspan, recently produced a commentary on cryptocurrency market. He argued that the recent market decline is a product of the strengthening US dollar.   As the dollar continued to perform well in recent weeks, fuelled by policies tightening the economy with the intention of preventing high inflation, the […]

Crypto Prices Have Nosedived, But There Could Be a Silver Lining

Monday hailed in one of the worst days the crypto market has ever seen, with Bitcoin posting a loss of 6%, while altcoins fell even further. However, not all investors are worried, as some see that this nosedive is just another part of the tumultuous cryptocurrency cycle. CoinShares Executive: The Narrative Around Crypto Is Hard… […]

Bitcoin Googled More Than Taylor Swift, Stock Market, Donald Trump

Whether Bitcoin is celebrated by everybody or not, one thing is for sure: people can not stop talking about it. Between August 2017 and today, the number of times Bitcoin was Googled surpassed both pop icon Taylor Swift, and even the stock market. In December 2017, when the value of Bitcoin reached nearly USD 20,000, […]

Survey Attests Crypto Exchanges Want Regulations After All

A recent survey from payment company Mistertango indicates that 88% of cryptocurrency exchanges want regulatory standards for the industry, with 55% in favor of know-your-customer (KYC) policies and anti-money laundering checks on users. Protection from market volatility So far, 2018 has seen poor gains compared with the latter half of 2017, while the fear of […]

Charlie Lee: Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacks Don’t Change Market Fundamentals

The founder of the major cryptocurrency Litecoin, Charlie Lee, was interviewed on CNBC following the USD 31 million Bithumb cryptocurrency exchange hack. He said that the Bithumb hack, and any other particular cryptocurrency exchange hack, does not affect the fundamentals of the market. He uses the example that if thieves rob a bank, that doesn’t […]

Bitcoin Less Volatile Than Other Major Cryptocurrencies

A study conducted by Max Gulker from the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) has concluded that Bitcoin has less market volatility than other major cryptocurrencies. Every single year since 2013, the Bitcoin market has experienced lower volatility than Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash according to data from The study calculates the absolute value […]

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong “Enjoying” Low Bitcoin Prices

The CEO of prominent cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, shared a series of posts on Twitter Tuesday promoting the positive benefits of extended periods of low Bitcoin prices. Armstrong focused on three cycles of Bitcoin prices from 2013, 2014, and 2017, commenting that the up and down momentum of Bitcoin is normal for the cryptocurrency. […]

Max Keiser: Bitcoin Price Rise to Follow Increasing Hashrate

Journalist and former Wall Street trader Max Keiser has expressed his views that with the Bitcoin hash rate reaching another all-time high and 15% spike this month, an increase in the value of Bitcoin will be triggered. Sharing a post on Twitter illustrating the growing hashrate in a graph, Keiser wrote: ”My mantra since $3. […]

Zero Correlation Between Stock Market and Bitcoin Price According to Financial Research Expert

The Director of Research at Pension Partners, Charlie Bilello, has found zero correlation between the S&P stock market index and the price of Bitcoin in data stretching back to 2010. This debunks a popular theory that Bitcoin and the stock market were correlated since they both reached record highs near the beginning of 2018. Since May […]