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UK, Australian Government Websites Cryptojacked by Mining Malware

Mining malware is spreading like wildfire, every week now we run another story on some platform or other falling victim to it. As cryptocurrencies become far more lucrative than ransomware or identity theft incidents of exploits will only increase. Various governmental departments in Australia and the UK were found frantically calling the tech guys over […]

Crypto Mining Malware Attacking Android in China

Security researchers have discovered more malicious mining software that exploits Google’s Android operating system. Attackers are constantly seeking out vulnerabilities in popular platforms and none gets bigger than Android which powers millions of machines. This new thread has managed to infect thousands of systems within days according to researchers. It has been reported that cyber-security […]

Mining Malware Abuses Google Ads and YouTube

Internet monopolies are easy to manipulate it seems. Especially if they are ad revenue driven and don’t really care who or what is advertised. Both Google and Facebook have been a hotbed for scams, phishing websites and malware recently, especially those involving crypto mining. Cyber security researchers Trend Micro have discovered a surge in Coinhive […]

Kroll Report Taps Bitcoin as Major Cyberthreat in China

China is a country where cryptocurrencies are frowned upon. This is for many different reasons, including disturbing the financial ecosystem. However, there is another big threat most people seem to be unaware of right now. A lot of new Bitcoin-related scams have appeared out of nowhere. These are the findings of Kroll, a global risk […]

Dark Caracal Malware Is a Threat to All Mobile Device Users

The electronic devices we use on a daily basis are very prone to hacks, theft, and other software-related issues. One particular security bug uncovered by the Electronic Frontier Foundation has researchers greatly concerned. A new type of malware designed to look like popular social messaging applications has already stolen gigabytes worth of data. This puts smartphones […]

Is this Google Chrome Extension Secretly Using Your Device to Mine Cryptocurrency?

With the price of cryptocurrencies reaching new highs in 2017, the incentive for nefarious actors to devise innovative methods of acquiring them is also rising. One such technique uses a program known as CoinHive to secretly mine for digital currencies on the machines of unsuspecting users. According to a post on Bleeping Computer, a Google […]