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Despite Spending $160 Million a Year, IBM Blockchain is Still Lacking Adoption

While IBM has been cautious to back cryptocurrency projects, the New York-based technology giant has still been doing its best to make a successful foray into the blockchain space. But as some skeptics see it, IBM hasn’t done much to make a meaningful impact on this flowering industry. IBM & Blockchain — Is It Really… […]

Abu Dhabi Firm Develops Blockchain Solution for City’s Ports

Abu Dhabi Ports has launched a blockchain solution for the city’s shipping industry, the first such initiative in the island city. Developed through its subsidiary Maqta Gateway, the initiative is known as Silsal and aims to increase efficiency, transparency and security in the country’s shipping industry. As reported by Construction Business News on June 2, Silsal […]

Maersk Launches the First-Ever Blockchain Marine Insurance Platform

AP Moller-Maersk, the Danish shipping conglomerate, has launched the first-ever blockchain platform for marine insurance. Known as Insurwave, the platform aims to leverage the blockchain to revolutionize the management of risk in the industry as well as interactions between stakeholders. The platform was built on R3’s Corda blockchain and, as reported by Seatrade Maritime News, […]

Logistics Industry Forges Ahead With Blockchain

Blockchain continues to make its impact on the logistics and supply chain industry around the world as governments and private companies begin to calculate the value of its application in many sectors. Now, with giants Samsung, Walmart, and Carrefour making announcements, the numbers of large multinational companies investigating or actively using the technology is growing, […]

IBM to Help Chinese Pharma Sector Implement Blockchain Solution

Every industry wishes to have a blockchain solution of its own and IBM through its partnership with Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger project is concentrating on delivering what the companies want. Since Hyperledger’s Fabric blockchain attained production status, the number of entities using it through their partnership with IBM is increasing. The latest one to join the […]

IBM Blockchain, Fabric Based Enterprise Blockchain Solution Launched

In the past few days, IBM — the international technology giant has been in the news multiple times for its collaboration with companies to develop blockchain solutions. Being one of the Hyperledger project members, IBM has been pushing the use of Fabric distributed ledger for commercial applications. After all these developments, the company has finally […]

Maersk Partners with Plug and Play to Launch Supply Chain and Logistics Accelerator

The Denmark-based leading shipping and logistics operator, Maersk has announced its partnership with Silicon Valley’s Plug and Play innovation platform to launch a supply chain and logistics accelerator. Ericsson is another partner company in this initiative. Maersk has been pushing for innovation in the shipping sector, to increase the industry efficiency by bringing down costs […]

Maersk and IBM Create Blockchain Based Supply Chain Solution

The shipping and logistics giant, Maersk has joined forces with tech leader IBM to deploy blockchain technology for global, cross-border supply chain applications. The collaborators have made use of Hyperledger project’s Fabric blockchain to develop the distributed ledger solution. The announcement, made in a recent press release states that the companies will be making the […]