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DevilRobber Cryptocurrency Miner is the Second Most Popular Malware on Macintosh

We have another development in Macintosh malware. While Macintosh users do have fewer threats to worry about than Windows users, it does not mean they are impervious to attack. The second most popular malware plaguing the operating system is a cryptocurrency miner. Cryptocurrency Mining and Malware We have seen multiple iterations of cryptocurrency mining malware […]

Two New Macintosh Malware Threats Have Been Identified

Macintosh users have another cyber threat to worry about. It seems cybercriminals have taken a liking to exploit MacOS vulnerabilities these past few months. Two new strains of Mac OS X malware have been discovered, both of which are distributed through malware-as-a-service products on the darknet. One strain is a ransomware variant, whereas the other […]

New Macintosh Malware Hijacks All Internet Traffic

Macintosh users are quickly becoming a new target for cyber criminals these days. A new type of Mac malware has been discovered, which is capable of intercepting encrypted web traffic. Moreover, this malware uses Tor to hide traffic diverted to a remote proxy. It is a very problematic threat that needs to be thwarted as […]