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Markets Update: Bear Market Adds Cryptocurrency Trading Uncertainty

Cryptocurrency markets have had a rough week over the last seven days as many digital assets lost quite a bit of value that most coins had gained two weeks prior. Currently, markets are seemingly consolidating and have remained somewhat stable over the last 24-hours. At the moment Bitcoin Core (BTC) values have been hovering around […]

Markets Update: Stormy Weather Continues to Plague Cryptocurrency Traders

Over the past few days, cryptocurrency markets have been losing steam as many digital assets have lost a good amount of value. Most coins are down anywhere between 3-15 percent over the past 24-hours. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) values have dipped 10 percent over the last day and prices hover around $1,055 today. Bitcoin Core (BTC) […]

Binary Options with MACD Indicator

MACD indicator is among one of the best method used to determine how and when to purchase binary options trades. The term MACD stands for Moving Average Convergence and Divergence. The Moving average Convergence and Divergence chart differs considerable from the Bollinger band indicator because it does not contain lower, middle and upper bands; instead it […]

BTCChina New Partnership to Release an Institutional-Grade Trading Platform

Founded in 2011, BTCChina is the world’s oldest operating bitcoin exchange and also the largest by trading volume. BTCChina offers Bitcoin and Litecoin trading, payment, and mining services and has built The post BTCChina New Partnership to Release an Institutional-Grade Trading Platform appeared first on NEWSBTC.

Bitcoin Weekly Analysis (Week of March 1): Bulls on Top Again

Bitcoin price soared last week to break out of the bearish trend that has been controlling the market since November, 2014.