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The CIA’s Aeris Malware Can Exfiltrate Data From Linux Systems

Not a week goes by without WikiLeaks unveiling some more condemning evidence of the CIA’s malware tools. The latest reveal is Aeris, an automated implement which affects many different distributions of the Linux operating system. This particular tool packs quite a lot of features under the hood in an effort to gather as much intelligence as possible. […]

Erebus Ransomware Demands 5 BTC Ransom

The Linux operating system is usually safe from most malware attacks. However, a new type of ransomware is shaking things up a bit. Erebus is a Linux ransomware variant which can impact enterprise servers. It is also the malware which affected the South Korean NAYANA hosting provider. Erebus Ransomware Could Be a Massive Threat Most people […]

New Linux/Windows Crossover Internet of Things Botnet Found to Mine Bitcoin

IBM has recently discovered that the Mirai Internet of Things (IoT) botnet has been actively installing Bitcoin mining code on some victims’ computers. This botnet has been used in some of the largest known distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks such as the takedown of Dyn DNS, which experts say was the largest of its kind in history. Also read: Lots […]

Fedora Receives Its Own Electrum Bitcoin Wallet Client

Electrum, a leading Bitcoin wallet service provider has launched its software for systems powered by Fedora operating system. The new release makes installation easier for those using the Fedora distribution of Linux operating system. The Electrum Bitcoin wallet for Fedora can be installed through GNOME Software or dnf on Fedora 25. In order to do […]

Nearly Every Top 500 Supercomputer Runs On Linux

Supercomputers are one of those topics that keep a large part of the world guessing as to their meaning. One thing everyone can agree on, however, is how Linux is clearly the most prominent operating system on these machines. With 498 out of 500 supercomputers running Linux, it is evident that this operating system provides […]

Bitcoin Linux Users Need To Beware of Critical Systemd Vulnerability

Bitcoin users who are running a Linux distribution may want to take special notice. A recently discovered vulnerability will crash nearly any Linux distro in circulation. All it takes is 48 characters of code to exploit a vulnerability in the systemd component. This process is integral to the boot process of nearly every lInux distribution […]