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Paul Krugman Is Excited to See Bitcoin Have Issues

Yesterday on January 11 the American economist and professor of economics, Paul Krugman, seemed pretty excited about The North American Bitcoin Conference not being able to accept bitcoin for tickets. Krugman tweeted our recent article to his 4 million followers gloating that bitcoin is “too clunky and expensive.” Also read: South Korea Urges 23 Countries, […]

‘End the Fed’ Evangelist Ron Paul Plugs Bitcoin IRA for Retirement

The notorious former U.S. congressman, Ron Paul, is now telling FOX Business viewers to invest in bitcoin through an individual retirement account called Coin IRA. The staunch libertarian and gold bug makes his appearance on a nationally televised commercial telling millions that he’s “excited to see what bitcoin opens up.” Also read: Internet Archive Adds Bitcoin […]

Free Society Foundation Plans to Establish Libertarian Country

The Free Society Foundation is in the process of realizing a libertarian and crypto-anarchist dream. Currently, the organization is taking steps to purchase a piece of land from governments hoping it will be the first truly sovereign country to exist.  Also read: Money Psychology: How Cryptocurrency Makes Us More Compassionate (Part 1) Free Society Foundation The project was […]

Bitcoin’s Actual Privilege Problems

ThinkProgress has published a blistering critique of bitcoin called Bitcoin: By The Privileged, For The Privileged. It’s full of misunderstandings, misinformation, and, most distressingly, a few points that are actually really spot-on and important for bitcoin foes and friends to understand. The piece points out the unfortunate fact that bitcoin is now primarily held and […]

Biggs’ Bitcoin Bunk

John Biggs has a writing problem. It’s terrible. I too know manias. I see them most often among writers who have a mania for writing even when they have nothing to say. Such is the case with John Biggs’ recent Bitcoin’s Image Problem. First off, Bitcoin’s image problem is evident to anyone watching the mainstream […]

Utopians and Magical Thinkers – A Response to Alex Payne via Karoli

In her recent post on Crooks and Liars, Karoli, whose pieces I’ve been reading for some time and generally find well done and intelligent, unfortunately chose to pick up on and excerpt some foolishness from Alex Payne’s recent – and rather unimportant – screed against Bitcoin. Payne’s piece is particularly vapid and one I didn’t […]

The Economics Of Bitcoin – Doug Casey Gets It Wrong

The Economics Of Bitcoin – Doug Casey Gets It Wrong: Michael Suede responds to the arguments Doug Casey of Casey Research made recently: “If people had total confidence in the dollar they would not bother looking for alternative mediums to act as a…