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Spain Planning to Lure Blockchain Companies With Favourable Tax Legislation

Spain looks like the latest nation to be warming up to the opportunities created by the ever-expanding blockchain industry. According to reports by Bloomberg, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s People’s Party is in the process of drafting legislation governing the space. This could include tax breaks for companies and individual cryptocurrency investors, as well as a […]

South Korea: Cryptocurrency Regulations Come Into Play, Price Responds Negatively

New rules regarding cryptocurrency have come into effect today in South Korea. The legislation seeks to tackle money laundering and to bring the space in line with banks’ KYC (know your customer) obligations. The regulations were set out in a document published on January 23. It stated that only those using real-name bank accounts would […]

Bank Indonesia Team Up With Police to Clampdown on Bali Bitcoin Transactions

Indonesia’s Central Bank, Bank Indonesia (BI), have united with the national police service to tackle the illegal use of Bitcoin in Bali. According to them, the tourist hot spot is much more likely to attract people trying to use the cryptocurrency for transactions that are outside the law. The Jakarta Post and local language news […]