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Associations Challenging Crypto Ads Ban to Proceed with Lawsuit

Facebook’s recent decision to partially lift the ban on crypto ads will not stop a planned legal action against the measure. Crypto associations and businesses from several countries announced earlier this year their intentions to sue internet giants imposing such restrictions. The claimants want to proceed with filing the lawsuit, despite the policy update. Also […]

The Cryptsy-Coinbase Lawsuit Has Been Reopened

For all intents and purposes, most cryptocurrency users had assumed the lawsuit involving Cryptsy and Coinbase was done and dusted. As is usually the case in this industry, nothing is what it seems on the surface. A judge in the Southern District of Florida has decided to reopen the case, which doesn’t bode all that […]

Cryptsy Customers vs Coinbase Case Reopened

A court case stemming from a class action lawsuit brought against Coinbase by Cryptsy customers has been reopened by Judge Marra in the US District Court of the Southern District of Florida. Cryptsy was a popular cryptocurrency exchange that closed down and went bankrupt in early 2016. Supposedly, Cryptsy was hacked in July 2014 resulting […]

Golix Exchange Files Lawsuit Against Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s Cryptocurrency Ban

On May 13 2018, the Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe (RBZ) issued guidelines in a circular that detailed cryptocurrency activities taking place within the country are now banned. The RBZ further stated that domestic digital currency operations had sixty days to become compliant. Local reports now reveal the Zimbabwe-based cryptocurrency exchange Golix plans to take the […]

US Judge Rejects Alibaba’s Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Against Crypto Firm

A U.S. judge has rejected Alibaba Group Holding Ltd’s bid for a preliminary injunction to block a Dubai cryptocurrency firm, Alibabacoin Foundation, from using the Alibaba name. Alibaba Lawsuit: Copyright Infringement U.S. District Judge Paul Oetken in Manhattan, New York, said Alibaba was unable to show that he had jurisdiction, having failed to establish a… […]

US Court Rules Alibaba Powerless to Stop Cryptocurrency Using Its Name

A U.S. District Court has ruled against Chinese conglomerate Alibaba Group in favor of a Dubai-based cryptocurrency foundation, Alibabacoin. The judge says Alibaba Group did not show any jurisdiction in the U.S. and China’s ban on initial coin offerings eliminates any potential confusion. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space No Jurisdiction for […]

Facebook to Be Sued for Defamation Related to Scammy Bitcoin Ads

In what is being referred to as a “groundbreaking lawsuit”, United Kingdom financial guru Martin Lewis is taking aim at Facebook’s lack of vigilance with regard to fake accounts. Mr. Lewis claims his likeness and reputation were used in multiple fraudulent instances, peddling mostly investment advice for assets such as bitcoin. Also read: James Bond-Like […]