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4 Privacy-Centered Cryptocurrencies You May Not Have Known About

Most major cryptocurrencies lack the necessary traits to offer either privacy or anonymity traits. There are dedicated cryptocurrencies which focus on this specific approach, and they are all gaining traction as of late. Below are some privacy coins people have missed out on, ranked by their current market cap. #4 Aeon Despite being a relatively […]

Over 60% of Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Have No Working Product, Study Claims

Of the top 100 cryptocurrencies listed by market capitalization, only 36 are actually what the authors term “working products” in a study recently published online. Newer ecosystem website, Invest in Blockchain, commissioned the study. It’s sure to be debated, and hotly, as to which coins made the cut to 36, but the authors attempt to […]

Can Delayed Proof-of-Work Effectively Counter 51% Attacks?

There have been numerous 51% attacks against smaller cryptocurrencies over the past few months. These problems have affected currencies such as Bitcoin Gold, Verge, Electroneum, and a fair few others. Protecting against such attacks is very difficult, although it seems delayed proof-of-work may help out a fair few currencies in this regard. Delayed PoW vs […]

China Plays Jekyll & Hyde, After Ban It Will Publish Monthly Crypto Report

China’s government is well known as a crypto hater, and its banishments and pronouncements are the stuff of wild market swings. That doesn’t mean, however, they’re not keeping close eye on decentralized currencies. In fact, according to recent press releases, Chinese authorities are set to publish regular monthly analysis of over two dozen crypto assets, […]

Komodo Platform Partners With ValueNet Capital Ahead of First Decentralized ICO

Komodo Platform, a cryptocurrency project that focuses on providing anonymity through zero-knowledge proofs and security through a novel Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW) protocol, has entered a strategic partnership agreement with ValueNet Capital, Beijing-based venture capital fund. Komodo Platform To Launch World’s First Decentralized ICO With Help From ValueNet Capital Forked from Zcash by the SuperNET […]

What Is Komodo?

Some cryptocurrency users may have heard the name Komodo before. It is a pretty intriguing project, even though most people don’t know how its technology is being used right now. It seems Komodo will play an integral role in the future of atomic swaps, even though that is not the only thing its developers are focusing on […]

Only 3 Winners in Altcoin Big Selloff

Going to the moon is a wonderful thing for cryptocurrencies but what goes up must come down, at least temporarily. Markets correct and trends reverse, this is a natural element to all traded entities, whether they are stocks and commodities, or currencies and digital assets. The hysteria and panic have already started on crypto social […]

SuperNET Announces the Launch of EasyDEX Crypto-Exchange

The development team behind Komodo, a ZCash based cryptocurrency platform has announced the launch of a new decentralized exchange platform. The exchange platform called EasyDEX allows for a trustless exchange of value, which isn’t quite possible with other exchange platforms due to certain centralized aspects.  EasyDEX, unlike other exchanges, doesn’t convert the cryptocurrencies into IOU […]

Komodo, A Secure Crypto-Platform for Blockchain Products and Solutions

We cannot ignore the fact that there are over 500 different alternative cryptocurrencies in the market today. But it would difficult to predict that which among them could actually leave a good impression in the coming future. Nevertheless, there are still many that are showing promises due to their insightful and practical roadmaps; the Komodo […]

Komodo Cryptocurrency Platform Raises over 1000 BTC on the First Day of its ICO

October 19, 2016 – Komodo, based on ZCash fork is delighted to announce the successful start of its ICO. The privacy and security driven cryptocurrency platform has raised 1267.78 BTCs on the very first day of its crowdfunding campaign. The platform developed by members of SuperNET and BitcoinDark (BTCD) communities offered a 25% bonus to all […]

Komodo Anonymous Cryptocurrency Announces the Launch of Its Upcoming ICO

Komodo, the cryptocurrency offering highest standards of anonymity and security has announced the launch of its ICO. The Komodo cryptocurrency ICO, starting October 15, 2016, will go on for 37 days until November 20, 2016. Those interested in participating in the ICO can buy Komodo cryptocurrency (KMD) with either Bitcoin (BTC) or BitcoinDark (BTCD). The […]