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Mining Malware Abuses Google Ads and YouTube

Internet monopolies are easy to manipulate it seems. Especially if they are ad revenue driven and don’t really care who or what is advertised. Both Google and Facebook have been a hotbed for scams, phishing websites and malware recently, especially those involving crypto mining. Cyber security researchers Trend Micro have discovered a surge in Coinhive […]

The Pirate Bay Resumes Running In-Browser Javascript Cryptocurrency Miners

The major torrenting website, The Pirate Bay, is reported to again be using cryptocurrency mining scripts on its website. Last month, it was discovered that The Pirate Bay had embedded multiple Monero miners on its website, which the company claimed was being trialed as an alternative revenue model to hosting ads. Also Read: Pirate Bay Founder’s […]

Major Malvertising Campaign Mines Cryptocurrencies Using Users’ Browsers

Mining cryptocurrency has become even more popular over the past few months. Unfortunately, this trend has also attracted a lot of attention from cybercriminals. As a result of this growing attention by the wrong crowd, criminals have come up with some unique ways to mine cryptocurrencies using other people’s computers. This new malvertising campaign goes […]

Extension Block Proposal Receives More Industry Support

There’s been a lot of discussions in the cryptocurrency space about alternative implementations of the Bitcoin client. Just recently reported that Bitpay announced it was gearing up to test the alternative client Bcoin’s Extension Blocks by partnering with the bitcoin-based startup Purse. Now three more digital currency companies are supporting Bcoin’s “To the Moon” […]

Fifty Developers Hack With Bitcoin for Two Days in San Francisco

This past week on March 24 the San Francisco-based Hackreactor HQ and the bitcoin company Purse introduced bitcoin to over fifty developers with its “Bcoin Hackathon.” The bitcoin-centric hackathon included two days of programmers experimenting with the alternative Bcoin protocol and the process of building with bitcoin. Also read: After Changetip’s Failure – Minitip Retries the […]

Blizzard Creates Own Digital Currency for World of Warcraft, Still Doesn’t Accept Bitcoin

Blizzard, one of the biggest game producers, announced the release of an in-game digital currency tradable as tokens in their upcoming patch of World of Warcraft.

Web 3.0 – A Chat With Ethereum’s Gavin Wood

Six months ago Ethereum was an ambitious white paper committed to a thorough re-imagining of the ‘Bitcoin 2.0’ space. With a sincere desire to mould the blockchain in his own image Vitalik Buterin, our resident tech. wizz, penned the concept. Since inception the project has benefited from some key strategic partnerships and an unparalleled press […]

OnlyOneTV – Announcement: Bitcoin Support On iPhone With Webcoin

OnlyOneTV – Announcement: Bitcoin Support On iPhone With Webcoin: Bruce Wagner (@BruceWagner) interviews Stefan Thomas, creator of the What Is Bitcoin? animated video that we’ve all seen, who describes the Bitcoin mobile project based on BitcoinJS: