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Japanese Crypto Associations Merge for Self-Regulation

The crypto industry in Japan is still reeling from the half million dollar Coincheck heist last month. The fallout from one of the largest digital currency hacks in history was wide reaching. Further calls for safeguards and regulation have been made in what is currently the world’s most crypto friendly nation. Rather than a heavy […]

Coincheck Produces Recovery Plan While Investors Flock to Withdraw Funds

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck has submitted a report to the country’s financial authority outlining measures it will take following the hack that lost 58 billion yen worth of the cryptocurrency NEM from its platform. However, customers rush to withdraw 40.1 billion yen of their funds so far as the exchange resumes yen withdrawal service. Also […]

Japan Remains Optimistic About Cryptocurrencies Despite Coincheck Heist and Recent Price Woes

This past Friday, financial regulators in Japan began on-site inspections of 16 digital currency exchanges — two weeks after hackers stole $530 million in NEM tokens from Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, the largest virtual coin heist in history. Despite this heist — and concerns over lax security at other exchanges — regulators, investors, and enthusiasts in the […]

Coincheck Announces JPY Withdrawals Will Resume Next Week

This Friday the Japanese exchange Coincheck has announced the resumption of yen (JPY) withdrawals will begin next week. The news follows the trading platform halting operations on the 26th of January. That day Coincheck was hacked and lost a total of 523,000,000 XEM, but the exchange promised to pay back the 260,000 customer accounts that […]