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Dark Web Alleged Silk Road Conspirator Handed to US Authorities

Dark web alleged Silk Road conspirator, Gary Davis of Ireland, agreed recently to be extradited to the United States. Once on US soil, he will face charges levied against him five years ago in connection with the eventual conviction of Ross Ulbricht (who prosecutors claim was the site’s mastermind). Mr. Davis, should he be convicted, […]

Top 4 Reasons Ireland Is Attracting Cutting-Edge Tech Companies

Most people associate high tech with Silicon Valley, Tokyo, or New York. It isn’t often that our thoughts turn to Dublin as a magnet for bleeding-edge technology. Yet with nine out of ten of the top global software companies and the likes of Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter having their European headquarters here, the Emerald […]

Irish Exchanges Accuse Banks of Closing Crypto Accounts

The Irish co-founder of Eircoin has complained that he feels that the Banking and Payments Federation of Ireland (BPFI) is discriminating against crypto-related accounts, writes Cointelegraph. Irish Bitcoin’s (BTS) Dave Fleming has accused Irish banks of pursuing a defensive and over-regulated banking system in matters of cryptocurrency. Dave Fleming is an Irish pioneer when it […]

Universities Getting Clever with New Blockchain Courses

Despite Bitcoin’s current downturn, universities are increasingly opening up educational projects for blockchain technology reports Econotimes, with the number of universities and educational facilities running blockchain and cryptocurrency courses growing as financial markets expand and absorb more blockchain-related products. There are now many opportunities for blockchain developers but clearly not enough skilled technicians to fill these gaps. […]

Ireland Aims to Become Blockchain Hub with New Initiative

The Irish government is seeking to promote the research and development of blockchain technology in the country, the Irish Times reported on June 11. The initiative is being led by IDA Ireland, a state agency charged with attracting foreign direct investment to the country. Dubbed Blockchain Ireland, the initiative will foster cooperation in the blockchain […]

Ireland Lines Up to Become “Global Blockchain Center of Excellence” with New Initiative

IDA Ireland has announced that it wants to promote the Irish Republic as an ideal location for international businesses focused on blockchain, according to The Irish Times. The state body is the agency responsible for the attraction and development of foreign direct investment in Ireland. Its new initiative, established by the Irish Blockchain Expert Group, […]

The Bitcoin Network Uses as Much Electricity as Ireland: Study

According to a new study, the Bitcoin network could be consuming as much as 0.5% of the world’s total electricity — a number comparable to the amount of power used by the entire country of Ireland.  Bitcoin and Electricity Usage That said, determining exactly how much electricity the Bitcoin network uses, necessary for understanding its… […]

Irish University Wants Government to Push Blockchain Into Mainstream

National University of Ireland (NUI) authors of a study on the adoption of blockchain have approached the government to promote a more widespread use of the technology in the country, reports The Irish Times. The new study involving 20 selected Irish companies, conducted in association with the Blockchain Association of Ireland examined the factors that influenced […]