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DoE Backs Blockchain Energy Platform with $1 Million US Grant

The U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) has announced it will award 95 grants for a total of $95 million to 80 businesses in 26 states. One beneficiary is blockchain business Grid7, which is set to receive almost $1 million as a government grant. DoE Backs Blockchain Energy Project Grid7 is being awarded $999,363 by the… […]

Sidetangle Attack on IOTA Reveals DAG Susceptibility

The IOTA network, referred to as the tangle, has been under siege recently by a sidetangle, which is a parasitic chain of transactions produced by a hacker. The sidetangle has been stitched to the maintangle, causing nodes to crash and slowing down the entire network. This has revealed a susceptibility for directed acyclic graph (DAG) […]

Ion Is a Tangle-Based, Decentralized Version of Skype

Peer-to-peer communication is very difficult to achieve without centralized companies. Skype was originally designed to be such a tool, yet it is fully controlled by Microsoft these days. Ion aims to be different, as it is entirely based on IOTA’s Tangle for decentralized P2P communication. Ion Merges Skype With IOTA One has to commend blockchain […]

IOTA Ready to be Tested in EU Funded Smart City Project

+CityxChange is set to put the IOTA (MIOTA) Tangle technology to the test again in a multi-point, smart city project that has just received the green light and funding from the European Union. Greenlit and Funded Following the successful partnership with Taipei to create the first ever blockchain based smart city project, IOTA with +CityxChange will take on… […]