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Nicehash Mining Pool Allegedly Hacked — Accused of Losing 4449 BTC (US$60M)

According to reports circulating on the web, the mining pool Nicehash was hacked today for allegedly 4,449 BTC or US$60M at current prices. The Nicehash pool has confirmed the organization was breached but did not disclose how many bitcoins were stolen. Also read: Japan Increases Lead – Approves Another Four New Cryptocurrency Exchanges The Mining Pool […]

Court Ruling Grants the IRS Personal Data of 14,000 Coinbase Users

America’s Internal Revenue Service has gone fishing. Its target? Every single Coinbase user who ever placed a $20,000 trade. The huge dragnet exercise, spanning 2013-2015 and incorporating over 14,000 users, was awarded by a court yesterday, November 29. This is despite the best efforts of America’s largest bitcoin broker, which has fought back against what […]

Bitcoin Gold Addresses ‘Scam’ Wallet and Premine Endowment Process

On Monday November 20, the cryptocurrency-based hardware wallet manufacturer, Satoshi Labs, revealed that the Bitcoin Gold (BTG) network is now accessible through the Trezor beta wallet. Further, the BTG development team has recently revealed that the wallet “mybtgwallet” may be a scam, alongside information on the team’s premine endowment process. Also read: Internet Archive Adds Bitcoin […]

Tezos ICO Is Officially Under Investigation

A few days ago, it became painfully obvious that the Tezos ICO was going through a very rough patch. With an internal power struggle taking place, it is evident things will not be settled anytime soon. To make matters worse, there is now an official investigation underway against Tezos on behalf of various ICO investors. Things […]

UK Police Force Investigate the Defunct Mintpal Exchange and Owner

According to various reports, users of the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange Mintpal have received an email from the UK’s Avon and Somerset Economic Crime Team. The team’s detective constable, Charlotte Suter, has stated the police force is currently investigating the trading platform’s demise. Also Read: A Look at Five Different Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets and Prices Operation […]

The Bitcoin Gold Project Responds to Negative Criticism

Just recently reported on the alleged hard fork project, Bitcoin Gold, that’s supposedly scheduled to take place on October 25. We also we investigated the project further, while asking the lead developer some questions concerning this proposed fork. Now with only fifteen days left until the team tries to fork the bitcoin protocol, individuals […]

Alleged Mining Manufacturer Foxminers Accused of Being a Scam

Last week a company that supposedly builds and sells mining devices had been exposed by the cryptocurrency publication the Merkle. The news outlet revealed evidence of shady activity stemming from the California-based company Foxminers. Also read: How We Are Turning into the Ultimate Destination for Bitcoin Fans A Mining Manufacturer No One’s Ever Heard of […]

Mt Gox Trustee Wishes to Proceed to the Bankruptcy Distribution Process

The latest Mt Gox creditors’ meeting trustee has revealed payment claims for customers have all been approved or rejected, but the bankruptcy investigation is still ongoing. Also Read: Major Chinese Exchanges to Postpone the Return of Withdrawals Mt Gox Trustee Details Mt Gox Investigation Continues While Claims Are Being Processed During the 8th Mt Gox creditors’ […]

Trump Administration Under Investigation for Using an Encrypted Messaging App

Due to the unprecedented usage of encrypted chats by EPA officials, House Republicans are calling for an investigation into lawful misconduct. Earlier this week roused allegations of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials using the secured chatting app known as Signal to covertly discuss policies incited by the Trump administration. The implementation of this type of […]

Lending Club’s Founder and CEO Resigns

The Chief Executive Officer of Lending Club -a peer to peer lending/borrowing platform- resigned after a company’s press release uncovered a scheme allegedly perpetrated by the company’s chairman and CEO Renaud Laplanche, three senior managers may be also involved. An official press release by Lending Club announced the resignation of the now former company’s CEO […]