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Ledger’s CEO Eric Larchevêque on Hardware, Software, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Eric Larchevêque is the CEO of Ledger, the market-leading manufacturer of secure cryptocurrency hardware wallets. The company’s already sold more than one million wallets in 165 countries, and demand is set to rise as cryptocurrency enters the public conversation. While Ledger is mainly known for its Nano S hardware wallet, the team has some exciting […]

Chicago-Area Medical Practice Begins Accepting Bitcoin: An Interview with Dr. Chadwick Prodromos

One of the most exciting things about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is that it is applicable to many different professions and industries. Where there are payments to process or data to secure, blockchain technology can be extremely useful. Another exciting aspect is how it can empower the underbanked and unbanked populations of the world. Put […]

Billionaire Investor and Former ‘Shark’ Kevin Harrington Is Bringing Pitches to the Blockchain

There’s a lot that goes into preparing a pitch to an investor, whether it’s the ‘sharks’ on Shark Tank or the ‘dragons’ on Dragons’ Den. You have to worry about scheduling travel arrangements, hotel reservations, venue locations, meals, and of course, the actual pitch. But that’s outdated, inefficient, and burdensome. It’s time the entrepreneurial space evolved, […]

Talking Crypto, Advisory Boards, and ‘BlockNauts’ With Influencer Justin Wu

I had the opportunity to sit down with blockchain expert and entrepreneur Justin Wu, who is the Head of Growth and brilliant mind behind CoinCircle. Wu is also a strategic advisor to some of the industry’s top ICOs, and explained the importance of putting together an advisory board and utilizing these advisors when entering the crypto […]

What Is the CBC Manual of Style?

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have become an increasingly common part of our daily lives and are enjoying increasing media coverage. However, while it is encouraging to see a wider discussion on the merits and shortcomings of cryptocurrencies, it has also become apparent that there is some need for a more uniform style and naming convention among those who need to […]

An Interview with Alexander Shishow, CEO of NVB (Native Video Box)

Native Video Box is on its way to change the way people host and share videos. The platfrom, referred to as NVB in short is leveraging the blockchain technology to create a holistic monetary ecosystem for video content industry. In order to gain a better understanding of the platform we spoke to Alexander Shishow, the […]

NewsBTC Interviews the Crowd-genie Team

Crowdfunding has become a very important fundraising tool across various sectors including startups and non-profits. However, with the rising popularity of blockchain technology and the concept of ICOs, many new projects are increasingly adopting crowdsales and crowdlending as the preferred method of fundraising. But the rise in trend has also created uncertainties regarding the authenticity […]

Exclusive Interview with the CEO of CEDEX – The World’s First Certified Blockchain Diamond Exchange

The diamond industry has been booming for many years, and studies showcase that consumer demand for diamonds is of 95% whereas the remaining 5% accounts for investment demands. However, as diamond prices may change during the next few years, they can become an interesting investment possibility. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article CEDEX represents the […]

NewsBTC In Conversation with Vladimir Smerkis, Co-founder of Tokenbox

After a week of scheduling and rescheduling, NewsBTC finally sat across with Vladimir Smerkis, the co-founder of Tokenbox, and discussed the future of tokenized funds in the new age markets. As the conversation matured, Vladimir opened up about the practicality, as well as the legal structure around the tokenized fund market. He also elaborated Tokenbox […]