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An Interview with Alexander Shishow, CEO of NVB (Native Video Box)

Native Video Box is on its way to change the way people host and share videos. The platfrom, referred to as NVB in short is leveraging the blockchain technology to create a holistic monetary ecosystem for video content industry. In order to gain a better understanding of the platform we spoke to Alexander Shishow, the […]

NewsBTC Interviews the Crowd-genie Team

Crowdfunding has become a very important fundraising tool across various sectors including startups and non-profits. However, with the rising popularity of blockchain technology and the concept of ICOs, many new projects are increasingly adopting crowdsales and crowdlending as the preferred method of fundraising. But the rise in trend has also created uncertainties regarding the authenticity […]

Exclusive Interview with the CEO of CEDEX – The World’s First Certified Blockchain Diamond Exchange

The diamond industry has been booming for many years, and studies showcase that consumer demand for diamonds is of 95% whereas the remaining 5% accounts for investment demands. However, as diamond prices may change during the next few years, they can become an interesting investment possibility. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article CEDEX represents the […]

NewsBTC In Conversation with Vladimir Smerkis, Co-founder of Tokenbox

After a week of scheduling and rescheduling, NewsBTC finally sat across with Vladimir Smerkis, the co-founder of Tokenbox, and discussed the future of tokenized funds in the new age markets. As the conversation matured, Vladimir opened up about the practicality, as well as the legal structure around the tokenized fund market. He also elaborated Tokenbox […]

The Legendary Mayor of Vilnius Arturas Zuokas Advises TokenDesk

Arturas Zuokas – the former mayor of Vilnius will be consulting London based blockchain technology firm TokenDesk, as the business works towards the development of the biggest global ICO platform. The main direction of the business is the development of the biggest global ICO platform. Prominent founders The founders of TokenDesk aren’t new players in […]