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Interview: Dmitry Shyshov, Founder and CEO of the SocialMedia.Market Project

“We want to work in all global markets where influencer marketing is needed.” On February 9 the SocialMedia.Market project launched its ICO, which has the potential to immediately transform the field of influencer marketing. On the eve of the introduction of their new token, the founder and CEO of SocialMedia.Market, Dmitry Shyshov, spoke about the […]

Interview With Daniil Kruchinin, Founder and CEO ETicket4

As a part of our interview series, covering some of the interesting blockchain projects on the internet, we at NewsBTC spoke to Daniil Kruchnin — the CEO and Founder of ETicket4. We asked a series of questions and this is what he had to say. NewsBTC: ETicket4 or ET4  — An interesting concept tried by […]

Interview: Wikibits, the Blockchain Based Solutions Driven Wiki

Cryptocurrencies are mostly community-driven, and there is one platform which is taking a step further in the same direction by creating a blockchain solution. The NewsBTC team caught up with the founders of Wikibits to know more about what they do. We asked few questions to the founder of Wikibits, Warren Wang and this is […]

Kambiz Djafari: “A price for Bitcoin from $25,000 to $50,000 seems possible to me”

In 2018, bitcoin’s price might reach $50 000 but nowadays growth by 2000% at current price is impossible, according to CEO and Co-founder at Kambiz Djafari. Before Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Gibraltar, its organizers interviewed the future speaker concerning blockchain development and regulation in 2018, token sales and the forthcoming conference. Q: Why is Bitcoin […]

Six Questions for Crypterium: Summing Up a Successful ICO

We met with the four co-founders of Crypterium– Gleb Markov, Steven Polyak, Vladimir Gorbunov, and Austin Kimm – and asked them six questions about their ICO, which recently wound up having reached its hard cap. Q: What are the three big takeaways from Crypterium’s successful ICO? Austin Kimm – Number one is the size of […]

Interview with Cointed Executives

Since 2014 Cointed has transformed from a small start up to a mature company with diverse businesses. How did they do it? Learn straight from the people who made it possible! How it all started? “We want to offer the customers a solution for every problem in the crypto sphere”-Wolfgang Thaler In the beginning of […]