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Cryptocurrency Platform Monaco Purchases the Domain Name

The highly sought after domain name — of which for years the owner refused to sell — has been purchased by cryptocurrency wallet provider Monaco. In turn, Monaco has rebranded itself as “” Monaco Becomes According to insider Niko Younts — owner of over 1,000 crypto-related domain names — the cost of the domain could… […]

ConSensys’ Ajit Tripathi: ‘Rebellious Teenager’ Crypto Is Maturing

Ajit Tripathi of ConsenSys, formerly of Wall Street, compares crypto to a misbehaving — but learning — teenager and regulators to his parents in an interview with CT

Retail Adoption of Crypto Would “Bring the Internet to a Halt” – BIS Report

The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has leased a chapter from its forthcoming annual report that delivers a critical appraisal of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. The report attacks virtual currencies from several main standpoints: claiming that cryptocurrencies do not effectively perform monetary functions due to price volatility, that the retail adoption of blockchain-based payment mechanisms would […]

What Is txTenna?

Even though Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are innovative, they all share a major weakness. People who cannot access the internet for whatever reason cannot use these protocols to their full capacity. The txTenna application will change all that, as it will not require an internet connection to send Bitcoin. The Concept of txTenna While it sounds […]

Bitcoin Predicted to Dominate Future of Online Marketplaces

Bitcoin is becoming the world’s number one internet currency. This is according to Jack Dorsey, the owner of Square. He says that Bitcoin will emerge with time to become the Internet’s “native currency”, with the increasing popularity of the currency to overrun other internet currencies and become a preferred medium of exchange. Bitcoin’s predicted future […]

Skycoin’s Free Internet Service Rewards and Empowers Netizens for Sharing

Ninety percent of companies conducting initial coin offerings are expected to fail in the future. The often-cited statistic is no doubt intimidating to an investor in blockchain and cryptocurrency startups. Knowing why crypto projects will fail can help you invest your money more wisely in the crypto economy. At this early stage, the majority of… […]

What Is Community-Built Broadband?

With an increasing amount of centralization in the telecommunications and ISP world, coupled with the FCC’s recent ruling against net neutrality, more communities are pushing back. The fact of the matter is that, while it may seem like there is no alternative to ISPs and their growing monopolies, broadband can be more decentralized, even without […]

Could Russia and Its Allies Create an Alternative Internet?

Russia is one of those countries which intrigues a lot of people for various reasons. We are all too aware of this country’s mixed opinions regarding financial innovation. Perhaps the most worrisome aspect is that Russia apparently plans to create its own internet. Rumors regarding such a project have been circulating for quite some time now, but it […]