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Futuristic Visions: The Floating Island Project to Create Self-Governed, Crypto-Backed Seafaring Smart Societies

Taking the concept of ‘Smart Cities’ and ‘Smart Islands’ a few sci-fi steps further is a project that has the attention of philanthropists, scientist, entrepreneurs, academics and investors from around the world. The ‘Floating Island Project’ is a pilot project in partnership with the government of French Polynesia. The project is to see 300 homes […]

Intel and Filament Push for a Blockchain IoT Future

Enterprise blockchain developer Filament, which receives significant Intel investment, has released an Internet of Things(IoT)-optimized, USB Blocklet chip. Filament chief executive Clift-Jennings explained, “Many products, not all, have the ability to connect to USB. These are for manufacturing lines – we have a version of a USB product that plugs into the onboard diagnostics port in […]

IoT Devices Demonstrated to be Vulnerable to Mining Hack at Mobile World Congress

Vulnerable IoT devices, from smartphones to security cameras and smart TVs can be hijacked and used mine cryptocurrencies, cybersecurity firm Avast demonstrated this week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The Czech-based firm showcased the problem by giving conference-goers a firsthand look at a “hacked” network, where inter-connected devices were collectively mining the cryptocurrency Monero […]

A Marriage of IoT with Blockchain for Improved Security  

Two of the hottest trends in technology today could be even more influential if they were combined.  Blockchain has applications that stretch way beyond just cryptocurrencies and Internet of Things is, or will be, all encompassing. The latter has potential security issues on a terrifying level and the former could be used to alleviate them. […]