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SEC Settles Insider Trading Suit With Son of California Bank Board Member

The Securities and Exchange Commission continues to crack down on illicit activity within the cryptocurrency industry. It is easier said than done, as a lot of dubious-looking projects exist today. Aaron Smith of San Francisco was recently charged with insider trading. That wouldn’t be entirely unusual, were it not for the fact that Smith is […]

Japan to Focus Cryptocurrency Regulation on Speculative Investments

The Financial Services Agency, the government agency that oversees banking, securities, and exchange services in Japan, plans to set up stricter requirements on cryptocurrencies and its use for speculative purposes. Japan Regulator May Impose Cap on Cryptocurrency Trading Leverage Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have mainly become tools for speculative investment in recent months. Recently, a… […]

KickCoin Slides after Flirting with Top 100

Extended bear markets, like the one endured for the better portion of 2018, can often times be characterized as slow and dull. Long, drawn out bleeds across markets with little variation. However, one coin that has shown excitement despite this trend is KickCoin, whose recent events have been surprising, to say the least. KickCoin (KICK) […]

Coinbase Release Q2 Accomplishments to Help Provide Transparency into Operations

Brian Armstrong, CEO and co-founder of popular U.S.-based digital currency exchange Coinbase took to Twitter yesterday to announce the publication of what he calls a “quarterly perspective,” which had apparently previously only seen internal distribution. Armstrong additionally claims that the sharing of this information is an act of community trust-building by way of “transparency.” Only… […]

Coinbase Cleared of Insider Trading Accusations After Investigation

Many users remember Coinbase’s Bitcoin Cash debacle in December, with a bulk of the community accusing the exchange’s employees of insider trading. But according to a recent development, an investigation has found that none of the firm’s employees participated in insider trading. Coinbase’s Insider Trading Inquiry Met With Zero Results Coinbase, a most prominent cryptocurrency… […]

Embezzlement, Burglary, and Insider Trading Allegations Send Skycoin Crashing Down

Of all cryptocurrency projects, Skycoin is perhaps the one that the community is most opinionated on and confused by. Especially recently, Skycoin has grabbed the attention of cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide. Unfortunately for holders, each passing headline seems to send the ambitious project down further. After achieving a temporary high of US$35 in response to its […]

Class Action Complaint Accuses Coinbase of ‘Insider Trading’

A class action lawsuit was filed against Coinbase this past Thursday on March 1 accusing the exchange of ‘insider trading’ for the bitcoin cash launch last December. The complaint filed by the plaintiff is demanding a jury trial for losses incurred on behalf of himself and the other customers involved. Also read: Markets Update: Crypto Markets […]

10% in 30 Minutes – Dogecoin’s Strange Late May Day

The Merkle recently received a tip about potentially dubious activity happening on one of the larger Cryptocurrency trading platforms: Poloniex. This particular instance surrounds a digital asset that many of you know I love, Dogecoin. Wait, what happened? Someone tipped The Merkle off about what seemed like insider trading, and linked a reddit post that […]

DAILY DIGEST: Insured Bitcoin Banking Unveiled in Germany, Japan’s Largest E-Retailer Will ‘Probably’ Accept BTC

German e-bank Fidor has announced end-to-end support for Bitcoin transactions directly linked to one of their regular bank accounts alongside plans of US expansion. Samsung acquires over-the-counter p

New WIZSEC Report Points To Definitive Insider Trading At Mt. Gox

In the latest report from WizSec, a Tokyo-based security firm, conclusive evi-dence has been found of insider trading and price manipulation at the de-funct Mt. Gox exchange.