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Former Indian Legislator Named ”Offender” in Bitcoin Extortion Inquiry

A former Indian legislator has been found a “proclaimed offender” by the local court presiding over a USD 1.3 million Bitcoin extortion case. As reported by The Indian Express, former member of Legislative Assembly Nalin Kotadiya failed to show up in court regarding the case, despite multiple summonses. The Indian Criminal Investigation Department (CID) was not […]

Kerala Using Blockchain to Drive Food Supply Chain in India’s Deep South

The state of Kerala, in India’s extreme south, is adopting blockchain in order to update and streamline its food supply chain to customers. The blockchain is increasingly aiding food production and the flow of food from growth to table around the world, with new concepts appearing almost weekly. Raja Ramachandran, CEO for, a company currently […]

Indian Government’s Cryptocurrency Panel Doesn’t Aim to Ban Bitcoin

India is a very peculiar country when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With a lot of conflicting reports regarding the future regulation of this industry, anything and everything could still change in the near future. It now seems the government may prepare to overturn the “ban” on cryptocurrency activity. India Continues to Surprise […]

India on the Back Foot over Crypto Ban as Central Bank Admits Lack of Research

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), India’s central bank, has admitted that it did not undertake a thorough enough research of cryptocurrencies before issuing its ban earlier this year, writes This was the bank’s response to a Right to Information query filed by an Indian blockchain lawyer, which has since been distributed to news outlets. […]

Cryptocurrency Scams Becoming More Frequent in India

Indian cryptocurrency users are more at risk of being scammed than ever before. Hackers and cyber criminals are targeting the less security aware with increasingly elaborate schemes. Cryptocurrency Security is the Responsibility of the Users Themselves A report in Quartz states that the number of Indian cryptocurrency-related crimes is rising quickly. There are many ways… […]

Crypto Skeptic India May Apply Tax Laws on Crypto in Possible Turning Point

Anonymous sources in India are suggesting that the crypto-sceptical nation may be at a turning point with the possibility of a goods and service tax (GST) on cryptocurrency trading. Bloomberg reported that the government might be applying an 18% GST as there is a chance that the Indian government could classify cryptocurrencies as a supply […]