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5 Reasons Why Institutional Investors are Entering Crypto

2018 has been a crazy year for Bitcoin and crypto so far, with its price fluctuating wildly around the psychological price point of $8,000, and not succeeding in maintaining itself on its higher side. Bitcoin has shed as much as 70% from it’s all-time high of nearly $20,000. Industry experts claim that the market is… […]

The World is Experiencing a New Wave of Cryptocurrencies

It is impossible to ignore the signs now. The future of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies looks bright despite current market conditions, and it is being led by their massive adoption by individuals, enterprises and jurisdictions across the world. A New Wave of Cryptocurrencies In a recent interview which was featured on CNBC, Kin-Wai Lau, CEO at… […]

Crypto Week In Review: NYSE and Starbucks Go Full Crypto, Market Highly Optimistic

While the market saw a collective decline of over 10% as the speculative mania surrounding the Bitcoin ETF deflated, positive developments in this budding industry were still prevalent all throughout the past week. The NYSE’s Parent Company Is Set To Launch Cryptocurrency Platform  On Friday morning, cryptocurrency investors awoke to a promising sight, with corporate… […]

Nobel Economist Paul Krugman Outlines His Issues with Cryptocurrency

In a recent New York Times op-ed titled “Transaction Costs and Tethers: Why I’m a Crypto Skeptic” Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman gave another explanation as to why he is a skeptic of the usefulness and future of cryptocurrencies. Paul Krugman has been an Op-Ed columnist for the New York Times who writes the occasional… […]

Influx of Positive Developments for Coinbase is Bullish for Crypto

One of the world’s largest cryptocurrency platform has had a stellar week, as positive news floods in regarding the platform’s expansive development plans. Coinbase’s Custody Service Secures The Business Of A $20 Billion Hedge Fund Institutional investment seems to be all the rage in cryptocurrency circles, with many citing this form of interest and investment… […]

Coinbase UK CEO Interview: Huge Interest From Institutional Investors Toward Crypto

Coinbase UK CEO Zeeshan Feroz is working to achieve a crypto revolution amidst hesitant bankers in a city torn over Brexit. Last week, he made a speech on blockchain’s potential to connect the unbanked and rebuild the entire financial system. Today, in an interview with NewsBTC, he said that Coinbase are looking to roll out… […]

Blockchain and Cannabis Industries Together can Clear Regulatory Hurdles

As the cannabis industry around the world begins what is sure to be a long road to finding compliance with governments and establishing security in both logistics and financial transactions, it could find support in another emerging industry that faces many of the same issues. Blockchain Could Solve the Cannabis Cash Problem Cryptocurrency entrepreneurs have already… […]

Survey Shows 40% of Canadians Have Sold Their Cryptocurrency

A recent study investigating the investments habits of Canadians found that 40% of Ontario’s resident investors have sold their cryptocurrency holdings. 40% of Ontario Investors Have Sold their Crypto Holdings The study put out by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) was conducted to measure the habits of those invested in cryptocurrency as well the level… […]

What Will New FSA Head Mean for Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchanges

As the position of minister of the FSA is about to change hands, questions about the future of regulations on cryptocurrency and blockchain based technology arise in Japan. Japan’s FSA to Change Hands As the current minister of Japan’s Financial Security Agency, Nobuchika Mori, heads into what most assume will be his last week guiding… […]

Binance User Loses 2 BTC After Hacker Steals Password, How to Prevent Theft

Amidst the brutal market conditions, a Reddit user, BeanThe5th, has somehow managed to get in more trouble than the market is currently in, reportedly losing two Bitcoin in a hack.  Reddit User Loses Two Bitcoin In Binance Hack Yesterday, BeanThe5th made a thread in the popular /r/cryptocurrency subreddit, regarding a theft that has occurred on his… […]