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This Year’s ICO Funding Has Exceeded All of 2017

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) continue to rise in popularity; in the first three months of 2018, ICOs have managed to generate more money than they did for the entirety of 2017. According to the data collected by CoinDesk, that figure sits at USD 6.3 billion, 118% of the 2017 total. It appears that despite the […]

Macau Warning to Public Over Possible Fraud with Cryptocurrency Firm, Links to Cambridge Analytica

Financial authorities in Macau have issued a warning over possible ‘fraud and criminal activities’ in relation to a cryptocurrency firm backed by a former gangster. The warning comes following revelations that Macau Dragon Group, a firm associated with ‘Broken Tooth’ Wan Kuok-koi, employed the British company Cambridge Analytica, to promote its token, Dragon Coin, a… […]

Savedroid Fakes $50 Million ICO Exit Scam, Community Outraged

It’s been reported earlier this week that Yassin Hankir, CEO of German-based startup Savedroid, took off with the $50 million raised in its initial coin offering. The following day, Hankir posted a Youtube video to explain that it was a ‘drastic campaign’ to prove how easy it is to fool investors within the cryptocurrency space… […]

Savedroid ICO May Have Pulled a $50M Exit Scam

It has become more than apparent that there will always be risks associated with initial coin offerings. If the recent Savedroid debacle is any indication, determining the truth amidst a sea of FUD and misinformation will continue to be a challenge. Even so, there are a lot of concerns over this particular project, as its CEO may have […]

Blockchain Platform To Help Freelancers Gain Security And Employment Benefits

A company is creating a decentralized environment for freelancers to make self-employment secure and beneficial. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article The Blue Whale Foundation says the gig and sharing economies are thriving, but the growing number of freelancers in these industries face multiple challenges. In part, this is because those working on peer-to-peer platforms, […]

Tezos Co-Founder Fined and Banned by Wall Street Regulator

Tezos is embroiled in controversy once again as co-founder Arthur Breitman is slapped with a fine and a trading ban for two years by The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Breitman Fined $20,000 The Wall Street regulatory body has come to a settlement with Breitman after he was accused of making false statements about his side venture… […]