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IBM, Capital One and Coinbase Are the Latest to File Blockchain Patents

The blockchain arms race has continued to gather pace as titans in the finance and technology industries strive to stay ahead of their competition by developing cutting-edge blockchain solutions. The latest companies to apply for blockchain patents are technology powerhouse IBM; the leading US crypto exchange, Coinbase; and financial services company Capital One. IBM’s patent […]

Women at the Top See Diversity as Blockchain Industry’s Fundamental

Technology sectors have long been dominated by males and lacked gender diversity. This is slowly changing with fintech enterprises attempting to address and push the shifting dynamic from the top. Now, the ratio at conferences and funding rounds have a significantly different outlook. Such events, which historically lacked success stories reporting women moving the industry ahead […]

Top 5 Hottest Cryptocurrencies in 2018

There’s no other way to put it: 2018 has been a rough year. In spite of this, there have been several cryptocurrencies that have been outliers, holding their own and even growing immensely throughout the course of the year. These cryptos have kept the attention of the greater crypto community, and as such, they have […]

Despite Spending $160 Million a Year, IBM Blockchain is Still Lacking Adoption

While IBM has been cautious to back cryptocurrency projects, the New York-based technology giant has still been doing its best to make a successful foray into the blockchain space. But as some skeptics see it, IBM hasn’t done much to make a meaningful impact on this flowering industry. IBM & Blockchain — Is It Really… […]

“Time Traveler” Millionaire Investor Plans Australia’s First Crypto Bank

An Australian crypto enthusiast has set plans in motion to open his own crypto bank. Fred Schebesta has decided on a radical scheme in order to circumnavigate restrictive regulations by Australian banks towards anything cryptocurrency-related by opening his own bank and doing what he needs to get a share in an established bank. The West […]

Can the Saudi Kingdom Move with the Times in a Blockchain World?

After Saudi Arabia’s first blockchain meeting, ‘Translating Blockchain KSA 2018‘, the country is showing signs of incorporating new technologies to diminish the relevance of oil production. Since 1938, the Kingdom has since become the world’s largest oil producer and exporter, controlling the world’s second-largest oil reserves with the sixth-largest gas reserves and is the only […]

Citigroup Reportedly Eyeing Crypto Products

It appears that US banking giant Citigroup is looking into crypto products, according to an insider at the bank. In April, an initial expression of interest was expressed by the group through a report entitled ‘Bank of the Future: The ABCs of Digital Disruption in Finance’, suggesting in the report that in the future banks […]

Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Tanks to $7,790

After several days of bitcoin remaining above $8,000 and enthusiasts rejoicing about a possible new era for crypto, bitcoin has suddenly tanked by roughly $400 and is now trading for about $7,790. Current conditions suggest that bitcoin – despite showing signs of newfound strength – is still just as vulnerable as ever to volatility and […]

IBM, Barclays, Citi Create Blockchain App Store for Financial Services

American technology corporation IBM has teamed with banking giants including Barclays and Citi to create an app store style platform for financial blockchain services. The LedgerConnect project aims to increase efficiency in banks’ ability to access and utilize blockchain solutions from fintech and software developers, offering services in areas of market data, know your customer (KYC) […]