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Patent Stockpiling: Bank of America Holds 45 Crypto-Related Patents

A patent grants its holder exclusive rights to an invention, such as a piece of technology, for a certain period of time. While designed as a means of protecting the intellectual property of inventors, the system is not without its critics who believe that patenting deters innovation and wastes resources. Consider crypto founding fathers like […]

IBM Wants Governments to Focus More on Internal Blockchain use Cases

Finding use cases for blockchain technology is not that difficult. Most efforts focus on the financial sector, but there’s a lot more to this technology than just finance. According to IBM, this technology can disrupt the way we think about governments altogether. Jerry Cuomo is convinced governments should embrace distributed ledgers and encourage global use […]

Stellar Lumens Surpasses LTC, Price Nearing $1

The first few days of 2018 have shown a booming start of the year for cryptocurrency, with the total market value pushing new all-time highs and many coins seeing huge bull trends. Among these, Stellar Lumens (XLM) is emerging as perhaps the biggest winner. Since December 31, Stellar Lumens has already increased closed to 300%, […]