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Latest Data Shows Bitcoin Hodlers v Short Term Traders Now Near Parity

Recent data from Chainalysis — a blockchain research company, as published in Financial Times shows that the amount of Bitcoin owned by long-term investors is now almost equaled by speculators, reports Cointelegraph. Day trading has increased since the end of last year and the amount held by this group is thought to have risen to […]

Flash Transfer: Bitcoin Hodlers Dumped $30 Billion Since December

Leading crypto research firm, Chainalysis, revealed staggering wealth transfer numbers, as reported by legacy news outlet Financial Times, concerning bitcoin core (BTC). From its price high in December of last year through April of 2018, BTC hodlers (supposed longer term investors) dumped $30 billion onto the market, shedding about half their collective positions just in […]

Is Crypto Price Correlation the Result of FOMO or Market Manipulation

Is the close correlation between crypto coin prices in the current market simply a sign of HODLers clinging to their assets and only conservatively trading when all signs point to yes, or the result of larger forces at work manipulating the market? Extreme Correlation Since February Twitter analyst CryptoRae recently posted a long thread using a… […]

$7,000 in Top 50 Cryptocurrency in April is Down 26%; Diversification Not Practical

The old adage about not putting all the eggs in one basket has been used as a metaphor for diversifying investments for as long as anyone can recall but does it play out in the cryptocurrency market? One Basket Maybe Better A Reddit user recently posted about an experiment they undertook putting 10,000NZD into the… […]

Must a Crypto Coin’s Value Be Time-Dependent?

When it comes to Bitcoin, the main barrier to mainstream use is the volatile price. Microsoft started accepting Bitcoin, then stopped, and then welcomed it back. Bitcoin, which was intended to solve the currency inflation problem, has rather turned into a means of storing value. It’s too precious and too unpredictable for real-world usage. The crypto community […]

This Week in Bitcoin: Time to Build

If there’s one thing a crypto recession’s good for, it’s rebuilding. It’s debatable whether we’re in a full-blown recession admittedly, but whatever you wanna call it, the charts ain’t looking too pretty. The upside to that is it’s a great time for looking elsewhere. With Easter imminent, it seems fitting that some of crypto’s biggest […]

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Acronyms

Cryptocurrency represents an environment that is constantly growing and changing. As this ecosystem evolves and becomes increasingly complex, so does the jargon used most frequently in conversation. Acronyms play a large role in cryptocurrency dialogue, and without knowledge of the terms they refer to, it can be difficult to follow the information being shared. Here are […]

Internet Archive Adds Bitcoin Cash and Zcash for Donations recently reported on the San Francisco–based digital library, the Internet Archive, ‘hodling’ its bitcoin donations and making some nice gains in the nonprofit’s yearly earnings reports. This week the Internet Archive has announced it will be accepting two more cryptocurrencies — bitcoin cash and zcash.   Also read: Internet Archive and Overstock to ‘Hodl’ More […]

Internet Archive and Overstock to ‘Hodl’ More Bitcoin Revenue and Donations

Many merchants and non-profit groups accept bitcoin these days, but some of them convert the digital currency into fiat reserves immediately after receiving bitcoin; oftentimes to avoid volatility. However, two well-known organizations, and the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine) recently revealed in their earnings reports they are hedging bitcoin to make some nice profits and to […]