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Blockchain is the Future of Healthcare

Everything we know about health care can benefit from blockchain technology. Especially when it comes to medical records, sharing patient information, and making data more interoperable. Right now, there are  a lot of intermediaries involved in sharing patient data as very few systems are compatible with one another. The blockchain will effectively create a new […]

The Chairless Chair Reduces Physical Discomfort

The concept of a chair has not undergone too many radical changes throughout its lifetime. While chairs come in many types, the main concept consists of legs, a seat, and usually a backrest. Computer chairs replace legs with wheels to spin around on, whereas lounge chairs are elongated and have armrests. Noonee, a Swiss startup, is currently working […]

Bowhead Health Creates World’s First Blockchain-Powered Medical Instrument

Blockchain technology can serve many different purposes, most of which have yet to be discovered. The medical sector is one area prone to disruption and innovation. Bowhead Health is trying to bring the medical sector and blockchain technology closer together as we speak. They are providing a real-time biometric test unit which is fully powered […]

These Two Doctors Wrote a Paper on How to Sign Medical Documents With Bitcoin

Two doctors published a proof of concept paper on how to use blockchain-timestamped protocols to improve the trustworthiness of medical science, the article was published on F1000Research an open science publishing platform. The doctors Greg Irving from the institute of public health in the University of Cambridge and John Holden a general practitioner for Garswood Surgery, St. Helens […]