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Kroll Report Taps Bitcoin as Major Cyberthreat in China

China is a country where cryptocurrencies are frowned upon. This is for many different reasons, including disturbing the financial ecosystem. However, there is another big threat most people seem to be unaware of right now. A lot of new Bitcoin-related scams have appeared out of nowhere. These are the findings of Kroll, a global risk […]

Bitcoin Cash Reddit Tip App Users Hacked for Thousands

An ongoing investigation has revealed multiple allegations that hot wallets from users of popular subreddit r/btc were hacked through Tippr, resulting in thousands of dollars worth of bitcoin cash (BCH) stolen. Early theories assumed this to be a new low in the so-called Civil War between supporters of bitcoin core and BCH.  Also read: African […]

North Korean Hackers Secretly Mining Crypto

According to South Korean cyber crime analysts at Financial Security Group, a hacking ring known as Andariel have been seizing control of computers to mine cryptocurrencies. It’s believed that they’re operating from within North Korea and it is sanctions against Kim Jong Un’s regime that is causing the hackers to experiment with such unorthodox tactics. […]

North Korean Hackers Continue to Target Bitcoin Platforms in Europe and Asia

North Korea has quickly become one of the most scrutinized nations on the planet. That’s not entirely surprising, given its recent missile tests and large-scale state-sponsored hacking operations. It is this latter part which is making the biggest headlines right now. More specifically, there are rumors that North Korean hackers are targeting Bitcoin service providers once again. North Korea Wants Your […]

10 Japanese Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Tokyo Police Unite to Fight Cyber Crime

Ten Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges have signed an agreement with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to collaborate to prevent cyber crime. Along with growing bitcoin adoption in Japan is the number of cybercrime cases including unauthorized access to online accounts and money laundering. Also read: Japan Increases Lead – Approves Another Four New Cryptocurrency Exchanges 10 Exchanges […]

Anonymous Continues to Wage War on Neo-Nazi Websites

Stories related to hacking and other types of nefarious activity have dominated the technology landscape these past few years. Not all of these hacks are performed by criminals, though, as the Anonymous collective has been doing some “social justice” in this regard. Its latest venture involved shutting down several neo-Nazi websites. This war has gone on for quite some time […]

North Korean Hackers Ramp Up Malware Attacks Against Bitcoin Exchange Staff

Malware targeted against cryptocurrency users is becoming increasingly prevalent, a new report shows. Attacks are also getting more sophisticated, with enterprising hackers less focused on cryptocurrency holders and more intent on directing their firepower at bitcoin exchanges. The blame for such intrusions is being directed firmly at North Korea, where many of the attacks are […]

DHS Issues Public Warning on Hackers Targeting US Public Infrastructure

Whenever a US agency launches a public warning regarding an imminent threat, people need to heed the government’s words. Most recently, there has been growing concern over hackers targeting local energy and industrial firms. If any of these attacks were successful, the US public infrastructure would be affected in a severe manner. We can only hope things don’t unravel to such […]

North Korea Targets US Electricity Plants With Spear Phishing Emails

It is evident North Korea poses a massive threat to countries worldwide. The United States is particularly vulnerable to its machinations, although nothing disastrous has transpired just yet. According to FireEye researchers, however, North Korea has already been responsible for attacks on US electric power companies. Most of these attacks involved the use of spear phishing emails, which clearly confirms […]