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Hacked Cryptocurrency Exchange Youbit Re-Emerges Amid Insurance Controversy

Cryptocurrency exchange Youbit has reportedly re-emerged after a series of hacks and a bankruptcy filing, amid an insurance claim controversy and civil lawsuits. The exchange continues to operate after it was sold and renamed, local media reported. Also read: Japan’s DMM Bitcoin Exchange Opens for Business With 7 Cryptocurrencies Insurance Claim Denied DB Insurance, one of […]

Advertising Display Hacked for Cryptocurrency Mining

You’ve heard of online pop-up ads secretly mining Bitcoin on unsuspecting users’ computers but what about digital campaigns targeting high street shoppers? According to Terence Eden’s Blog, one of the large digital advertising displays that are common fixtures in big cities these days was hacked. Rather than displaying some commercial message from a global megabrand, […]

Hong Kong Hacker Arrested in Blackmail for Bitcoin Case

A suspect in a case involving hacking, blackmailing and Bitcoin has been arrested in Hong Kong. A 30-year-old computer technician has been taken in custody in connection with cyberattacks against two travel agencies. The man risks years of imprisonment. Personal data of customers was held for ransom. Tour operators were asked to pay 1 Bitcoin […]

North Korean Hackers Secretly Mining Crypto

According to South Korean cyber crime analysts at Financial Security Group, a hacking ring known as Andariel have been seizing control of computers to mine cryptocurrencies. It’s believed that they’re operating from within North Korea and it is sanctions against Kim Jong Un’s regime that is causing the hackers to experiment with such unorthodox tactics. […]

Nicehash Mining Pool Allegedly Hacked — Accused of Losing 4449 BTC (US$60M)

According to reports circulating on the web, the mining pool Nicehash was hacked today for allegedly 4,449 BTC or US$60M at current prices. The Nicehash pool has confirmed the organization was breached but did not disclose how many bitcoins were stolen. Also read: Japan Increases Lead – Approves Another Four New Cryptocurrency Exchanges The Mining Pool […]

Drive-by Crypto Miners Want Your Computer

The rise in popularity and prices of cryptocurrencies will bring an inevitable rise in cyber-crime and those trying to steal it. This last week has seen the crypto top three; Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, all reach record price highs of $11,400, $100 and $500 respectively. Big bucks bring bad guys and they are finding ever […]

Alabama County Succumbs to Bitcoin Ransomware Demands

Yet another incident of hackers using Bitcoin as a payment method for ransomware attacks has surfaced. One of the largest counties in Alabama was the victims this time, and the security breach and subsequent encrypting of sensitive information cost the local government a not-inconsequential $37,000. The figure sounds a lot, but when you consider that […]

Are Cybercriminals Using Your Computer to Mine Crypto?

Security vendor ESET reports of a new technique cybercriminals are utilising to generate funds. By purchasing traffic from an advertising network, they’re able to distribute malvertising (malicious ads) that utilise many victims’ computers to mine crptocurrency. By combining JavaScript and cryptocurrency mining, those perpetrating such attacks are able to operate without actually hacking any machines […]