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India’s Government Agencies Still Have ‘Concerns’ About Bitcoin

Indian officials revealed last week that the country’s tax agency and investigation taskforce have concerns about money laundering and black market activities associated with bitcoin. India’s Special Investigation Team (SIT) is in the midst of drafting a report detailing problematic issues regarding the decentralized cryptocurrency. Also read: India Considers Issuing Its Own Bitcoin-Like Cryptocurrency as Legal […]

Blockchain Can Do the Unthinkable , Increase Government Productivity and Innovation

Bitcoin’s underlying distributed ledger technology has practically unlimited use cases across industries, most of which involves increasing the efficiency of existing processes in a cost-efficient fashion. It is no different with the government operations as well. A recent analysis and the resulting report published by Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization has identified an […]

Financial Analyst Andy Hoffman Says We Should Be Thankful for Bitcoin

This week the financial analyst and precious metals proponent Andy Hoffman spoke with Greg Hunter from concerning his opinion about the decline of our global economy. During the interview, Hoffman talked about the rise of cryptocurrencies and why he thinks bitcoin might be a game changer for the world. Also read: Japan’s Bitpoint to […]

Court appeal divides Dutch bitcoin community

The atmosphere is heating up in the Netherlands, as a court appeal has created a divide in the Dutch bitcoin community. At stake: the legal status of bitcoin.

FEB 27 Digest: Gavin Andresen Seeks to Speed Up Block Validation, Coinsetter Aims to Improve Trade with BTC Blockchain

Bitcoin Foundation Chief Scientist and former lead developer of Bitcoin Core, Gavin Andresen, believes to have come up with a solution to vastly speed up block validation, the global bitcoin exchange

No More Burners: Using BitSMS and ChiliPhone Together Can Eliminate The Need For Disposable Phones

For those who exist in the gray and darker areas of the legal spectrum, pre-paid “burner” phones offer a convenient, workable way to avoid surveillance. Buy a phone at a gas station with some prepaid