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Bitcoin Price Analysis, 28th May 2018: BTC/USD Dips Below $7,200

Bitcoin prices are moving to new lows with BTC/USD prices dipping to USD 7,100 levels within this trading session. All this selling pressure is expressed under a period of decreased trading volumes. Signals are indicating that the bear market might still be holding strong. The day’s signals BTC/USD experiences losses around 4% in the last […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis, 25th May 2018: BTC/USD Met With Resistance Below $7500

Bitcoin appears to be coming under a bear market with signals indicating dramatic shifts in the sentiment of traders. Prices keep being in a downward spiral now with volumes also coming down. The Day’s Signals Bitcoin prices fell from the day’s peak at USD 7,700 price levels with a drop down to USD 7,300 levels […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis, 23rd May 2018: BTC/USD Dips Below $7,500 in Wake of Bearish Breakout

Bitcoin markets are under a bearish market sentiment with prices undergoing strong selling pressure.  Today’s trading session had traders experience major breaches in Bitcoin’s price, with prices continuing to be following a downward spiral. The day’s signals Bitcoin markets continue experiencing breach after breach with no sign of support being present. BTC/USD levels now reach […]

Coinbase Acquires Decentralized ERC-20 Trading Platform Paradex

On Wednesday, May 23 the San Francisco based exchange Coinbase announced the acquisition of a decentralized digital token relay-trading platform called Paradex. Alongside adding the decentralized exchange (Dex), the firm has also revealed it is retiring the name GDAX and that platform will soon be known as ‘Coinbase Pro.’ Also Read: Markets Update: Stormy Weather Continues […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis, 18th May 2018: BTC/USD Recovers From Sub $8,000 Slump

The day’s trading session was followed by notable volatility with bitcoin price falling to a low of 7,950 levels. However, the breach below USD 8,000 did not last long as prices recovered briefly. In the more recent hours, markets keep trading around USD 8,200 levels following a recovery. The Day’s Signals A major selloff caused […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis, 16th May 2018: Bitcoin Markets Stagnant Above $8,000

Bitcoin markets appear to have a hard time finding sustainable support above USD 8,500 levels. Even after the bullish breakout experienced only a couple of days ago, markets are again experiencing a dip, this time reaching low levels of USD 8,100. The day’s signals Large sell0ffs crashed Bitcoin prices down from USD 8,500 levels where […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis, 15th May 2018: BTC/USD Markets Volatile Above $8,000

Bitcoin prices remain above USD 8,000 but volatility comes to be a major force in today’s trading session. Prices dipped to USD 8,300 levels at one point with the markets taking consideration for several hours. Ultimately, there was a sizeable upward spike that moved prices to a recovery but the sustainability of such levels comes […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis, 12th May 2018: $9,500 Breached as BTC/USD Enters Downward Spiral

Trading volumes might be up for bitcoin markets, but support wasn’t there in today’s trading session. Prices kept falling, with USD 9,500 levels also being breached in the process. The Day’s Signals Selling pressure has been the day’s biggest feat in bitcoin markets with large selloffs making the decisive moves through the day. Bitcoin markets […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis, 9th May 2018: Support for $9,000 Levels Comes into Question

Bitcoin markets remained under pressure through the day. While trading volumes continue being on the upside, this time traders aren’t keeping up any positivity. Prices kept going down from USD 9,400 levels and even briefly dipped to USD 9,000 levels through the course of the trading session. The day’s signals Bitcoin traders embraced the bearish […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis, 7th May 2018: Bitcoin Prices Fall Below $9,500

Today’s trading session didn’t prove to hold a positive outlook for traders in Bitcoin markets. While markets are continuing to experience above-average trading volumes, a bearish breakout was the deciding factor in the day’s price movements. It appears as though the sentiment that had Bitcoin traders hopeful of USD 10,000 levels is now being squashed down. […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis, 2 May 2018: Prices Rise to $9,250

Bitcoin prices recovered back above USD 9,000 prices after a breach below such levels prior to today’s trading session. Notably, prices have kept rising ever since, with BTC/USD rates now looming around USD 9,250. The Day’s Signals Prices fell below USD 9,000 levels through the last trading session but have since slowly and steadily recovered. […]

Coinbase to Launch Over-the-Counter Block Trades, Says Report

Slippage in cryptocurrency trading has prompted Coinbase, the largest digital currency exchange, to introduce over-the-counter (OTC) block trades, according to a report. The move will allow traders to execute high volume orders without affecting the market. Coinbase to Lure Institutional Traders With OTC Block Trades, Report Says Coinbase, a U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange and one of… […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis, 30 April 2018: Support Above $9000

Bitcoin markets experienced some downward pressure through the day’s course, and yet USD 9,000 price levels were not breached. Trading volumes are now also on the rise as markets attempt to counter the downward pressure put on prices by sellers. The Day’s Signals The day’s course showed support for prices above USD 9,000. Selling pressure […]

Bitcoin Price Analysis, 27 April 2018: Bitcoin Prices Jump Back Above $9,000

Bitcoin once again came on a rising trail with prices spiking above USD 9,000 levels. This time though, BTC/USD markets continued taking consideration and ultimately showed some support for the price rise, with trading volumes also experiencing an increase across exchanges. Notably, there seemed to be a positive reception for such a rise in Bitcoin’s […]