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Blockchain Must Make Impact on Digital Identity Crisis of Refugees

World Refugee Day on 20 June cast focus again on how blockchain technology could play a part in presenting a major solution to the problem of displaced people around the world, writes Bitcoin Magazine. There are currently 25.4 million refugees in the world and some 3.1 million asylum seekers around the world, according to the United Nations […]

Estonian Startup Pops Up on SEC Notice Seeking $180 Million

A little-known company based in Estonia is looking to raise funds up to USD 180 million an obscure ‘GoWeb’ token sale, reports Coindesk. The SAFT Project is a forum for the discussion of a compliant framework for token sales. Notice of the company using the fundraising sale was published through US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) […]

Mike Hearn’s Crowdfunding Project Has Been Resurrected — Meet

Back in January 2015, Bitcoin developer Mike Hearn launched a BTC-powered crowdfunding application called Lighthouse, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts were very excited about beta version release. Following the launch, Mike Hearn had left the Bitcoin community because he predicted BTC was headed for serious scaling issues, and he was upset with the Core development team’s willingness […]

London Mosque Takes Crypto Stance, Accepts Ethereum for Donations

The first mosque for Turkish Cypriots in the UK, the Masjid Ramadan, has decided to accept Ethereum in order to carry out essential repairs, reports London’s Hackney Gazette. Leaders at the mosque have made the decision to accept the cryptocurrency as part of Muslim observance of Zakah, the annual donation made by all of that […]

Crypto Funded Solar Energy Comes to Moldova

An initiative by the South African solar power marketplace, Sun Exchange will soon allow people to buy solar cells using digital currency, reports Reuters. Under the plan, buyers of solar cells will be able to pay using the solar energy blockchain startup — ElectriCChain’s own currency SolarCoin, bitcoin or euros. They can then lease the […]

Circle Raises $110Mn With Plans to Launch USD-Backed Coin

The cryptocurrency based firm Circle announced it has raised $110Mn USD in a Series E fundraising round led by the Chinese firm Bitmain Technologies. Circle now joins Coinbase as one of the most well-funded cryptocurrency companies in the U.S., and the Boston-based firm has announced plans to issue a dollar-backed cryptocurrency called USD-C. Also read: Yahoo! […]

IBM, Global System set Blockchain Developers Humanitarian Aid Challenge

Global tech giant IBM, through a partnership with anti-poverty campaign movement Global Citizen, is challenging blockchain developers to create a donation tracking program, reports Fortune. IBM’s aim for the project is to encourage philanthropy by tracking the path of donations, from where the money originated to what it was spent on, and who finally received […]

Websites Hit by Latest Wave of Cryptojacking

The website ‘Bad Packets Report’ has released a list of some 300 sites that have been compromised by “cryptojacking”, including Chinese hardware maker Lenevo. Coindesk reports that the site’s security adviser, Troy Mursch, wrote last week that the compromised sites had been infected by hackers installing a browser mining software which exploited an outdated version […]

Wisconsin Seeks Approval for Bitcoin Campaign Donations

The Wisconsin Ethics Commission has asked the state Legislator to decide on allowing campaign contributions to be made in digital currency, reports Associated Press (AP). The Washington Times reports that the chairmen of Senate and Assembly elections committees have been asked to “provide clarity to candidates and committees as to whether they may accept contributions of […]

Legal Pathway for ICOs Sought by US Regulators

According to Robert Jackson, a commissioner at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), a solution is needed to facilitate the launching of ICOs within current US securities law. Speaking to CNBC’s Squawk Box on Monday, Jackson voiced current SEC concerns regarding the need to address ICO fraud, but suggested a legal method for raising cryptocurrency funds […]

“Hope” for Children in Need with New Aussie UNICEF Mining Donations

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has announced a program which has been designed to use donors’ computers to raise fiat currency through cryptocurrency mining. The website, the nucleus of the new project, is called “The Hope Page“, and is able to mine the cryptocurrency Monero using donors’ computer processing power through Coinhive, a crypto-mining […]

Italian Lawyers File Against Hacked Crypto Exchange BitGrail

Hacked exchange BitFrail will be declared bankrupt if lawyers representing the victims are successful in winning their case in an Italian court. This is yet another episode in a legal saga surrounding BitGrail, which began when a US class action was filed against the company in order to compensate victims for the loss of 17 […]