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BitConnect Plaintiff Claims its Founders are Associated With a Large Ponzi Scheme OneCoin

Lawsuits filed in the US last week against BitConnect promoters and executives were released to the public. The identities behind the alleged ponzi scheme including director Glenn Arcaro were unraveled, and several plaintiffs have claimed that the founders of OneCoin, another large-scale ponzi scheme, were involved in BitConnect. Several lawsuits filed earlier this month suggested […]

Onecoin Offices Raided in Sofia, Servers Shut Down

Bulgarian law enforcement agencies have raided the offices of Onecoin in Sofia as part of a multinational effort to neutralize what authorities call a “centralized cryptocurrency pyramid scheme”. Three million people may have been defrauded by the company which offers services on four continents, according to media reports. Bulgarian officials were diligent enough to note […]

Indian Police Forces Break up Gang Preying on Bitcoin Investors

The incredible bitcoin price rally this year has attracted a lot of new people to the cryptocurrency world, many of them just looking to make a quick buck without understanding too much what they are getting into. Naturally this kind of situation attracts criminals that look to exploit it, the most recent example being a […]