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What Lies Ahead for Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, Post-Brexit?

A Britain-based CEO has suggested that post-Brexit, cryptocurrencies will benefit the UK as they have key advantages over fiat currencies. Danial Daychopan of Crypto company Plutus, suggests that due to the pound and euro’s interdependence and the fact that they are both based on other currencies,  allows decentralized cryptocurrencies to offer a “variable and stable […]

Hungary Working on Crypto Regulatory Framework

Hungary is reported to working on a framework to regulate cryptocurrency trading through a joint workgroup set up for this purpose. The county is currently far from being a crypto haven with steep taxation and a lack of recognition by the country’s ministry of finance and banking system. Despite this stance, the country, like a […]

Russian Extradition Request Complicates Fate of Suspected Btc-e Owner

A court in Thessaloniki, Greece has accepted an extradition request from Russia for suspected Btc-e operator, Alexander Vinnik. Last month, a French request for Vinnik’s extradition was also accepted by Greece. Also Read: Markets Update: Monster Liquidations and Flash Crash Fear Russian Extradition Request Accepted for Alexander Vinnik Accepted by Greek Court A senior panel of […]

Sharp Spike in French Blockchain Growth Demonstrates Macron Vision

There has been a sharp spike in startups using blockchain technology innovations in France, and much of this is down to the new French president. France struggled through the period under President Francois Hollande’s tenure with his popularity rating hitting as low as 4%. President Macron appears to be breathing much needed new energy into […]

Boeing Breaks New Ground as Aerospace Turns to Blockchain

US aerospace multinational giant Boeing has announced it is to form a partnership with an artificial intelligence (AI) company to develop pilotless vehicles using blockchain technology, writes Cointelegraph. Boeing will join up with Texas-based SparkCognition for the project. It has been reported that Boeing has already invested USD 32 million into the company to create the […]

French Regulators May Be Taking Next Step Towards Easing the Path for ICOs

The French government seems to be moving towards regulating ICOs in 2018, according to a recent Autorité des Marchés Financier (AMF) annual report, writes CoinGape. According to AMF’s report,  ICOs are most definitely on the agenda for further regulatory framework as Robert Ophèle, President of the AMF indicated recently, suggesting that the government body will: […]

Ontario Bitcoin Adoption at 5%, Residents Still Need to Learn More

The Ontario Securities Commission has released figures showing that the Canadian province has a low rate of cryptocurrency ownership. Canada, home of Ethereum, is a global blockchain innovator due to provincial research and development, low energy costs, high-speed internet and internal regulation. ConsenSys, an Enterprise Ethereum Alliance member for over ten years, now offers some […]

France Want Alleged Russian $4B Bitcoin Fraudster Vinnik on New Charges

Alleged Russian Bitcoin defrauder Alexander Vinnik, arrested last year in Greece and awaiting extradition to Russia, is now wanted by the French authorities, according to Expatica. The French police wish to speak to the ex-head of cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e, now joining both the US and Russia, over claims that he had defrauded 100 people in […]

French Regulator Cracks Down on Unauthorized Crypto Platforms

The French independent financial regulator, Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), has issued a warning to the public that unregulated cryptocurrency exchanges operating in the country are illegal. AMF is the stock market regulator in France, an independent public body that is responsible for safeguarding investments in financial instruments and in all other savings and investment […]