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Smart Investors Are Digging In

Even though the Bitcoin ETF was shot down last week, we are still moving closer to getting a real ETF in the coming months. While we’re waiting for that to happen, many are now starting to feel like there is no recovery in sight for cryptocurrency markets. Which is also to say the technology behind […]

SEC Settles Insider Trading Suit With Son of California Bank Board Member

The Securities and Exchange Commission continues to crack down on illicit activity within the cryptocurrency industry. It is easier said than done, as a lot of dubious-looking projects exist today. Aaron Smith of San Francisco was recently charged with insider trading. That wouldn’t be entirely unusual, were it not for the fact that Smith is […]

Northern Trust Enters the Cryptocurrency Industry

Cryptocurrencies are of great appeal to a lot of consumers and corporations. In particular, firms in the financial sector want to enter this market sooner rather than later. Northern Trust, a famous financial services giant, is looking to expand its blockchain and cryptocurrency presence. Northern Trust Makes a Strategic Move There has been increasing interest […]

Bank of England Prepares to Integrate Blockchain-Based Products and Services

Banks and other financial institutions have never been particularly crypto-friendly. When it comes to blockchain technology, however, the story is very different. The Bank of England is looking to introduce a new payments system which will accommodate future blockchain integration. It’s a positive development for the industry as a whole. Bank of England Has Blockchain […]