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Wendy McElroy: Other Than the Black Market, a Last Stand for Economic Freedom

The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations Section 4: State Versus Society Chapter 9, Part 5 Crypto: Other Than The Black Market, A Last Stand For Economic Freedom? Money…is the economic area most encrusted and entangled with centuries of government meddling. Many people, many economists, usually devoted to the free market stop short at […]

Argentinian Bank to Use Bitcoin for Cross-Border Transactions

BMV bank has revealed a partnership with Bitex to allow customers to make cross-border payments in Bitcoin. They aim to utilise Bitcoin as a low-fee cryptocurrency which can be transferred across borders and easily exchanged for fiat currencies. Bank Moves from SWIFT to Bitcoin BMV said in a statement: “The service allows you to reduce… […] Reverts Back to ‘Fast’ and ‘Low Fee’ Descriptions on Front Page

This week after a few months of controversy, the owners of reverted its descriptions about what Bitcoin is on the website’s front page back to “fast peer-to-peer transactions” and “low processing fees” after removing the descriptions this past January. The front page descriptions were changed by the website’s co-owner, a pseudonym called ‘Cobra Bitcoin,’ […]

Canadian Cryptocurrency Exchanges Suffer From Rather High Fees Right Now

A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts rely on centralized exchanges to buy and sell Bitcoin or altcoins. In Canada, there are a fair few trading platforms to use, although they are all seemingly rather expensive. An interesting comparison put together by a Reddit user shows how Canadians are rather shafted when it comes to buying and selling cryptocurrency. […]

JPMorgan Chase Customer Files Lawsuit Over Cash Advance Fees on Bitcoin Purchases

Justice is often a dish best served cold. In the world of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it seems a major victory has been scored. More specifically, JPMorgan Chase faces a lawsuit for charging customers a cash advance fee when they attempted to buy cryptocurrency from certain exchanges. It was only a matter of time until that […]

Six Months Later Bitcoin Cash Support Continues to Grow

Over the past few weeks, there’s a lot going on within the bitcoin cash (BCH) ecosystem. Just recently businesses and service providers have been working towards changing their infrastructure to the new BCH address format. Additionally, the bitcoin cash environment got more support from organizations like the Bitclub Network and the merchant Kimchi Socks. Also […]

Paul Krugman Is Excited to See Bitcoin Have Issues

Yesterday on January 11 the American economist and professor of economics, Paul Krugman, seemed pretty excited about The North American Bitcoin Conference not being able to accept bitcoin for tickets. Krugman tweeted our recent article to his 4 million followers gloating that bitcoin is “too clunky and expensive.” Also read: South Korea Urges 23 Countries, […]