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Top 3 Hardware Wallets for Cryptocurrency Storage

Hands up, who still stores their cryptocurrency on Coinbase, Bitfinex, Blockchain, or another website? A slap on the wrist for you, unless you’re keeping a small amount online that allows you to make transactions quickly. For most Bitcoin and altcoin HODLers, keeping your crypto stash constantly connected is an accident waiting to happen. It’s curious, […]

Free Ethereum Developer eLearning Course GIVEAWAY

NullTX is offering our readers free access to premium blockchain elearning courses from Devslopes. Devslopes is a top online elearning instructor with over 300,000 students. The first course we are giving away is the Certified Ethereum Blockchain Developer. Here is some more info about this course: Ethereum is the first blockchain platform to inspire developers […]

Top 4 Blockchain Interoperability Projects

One of the many factors holding global blockchain adoption back is that these chains cannot communicate with one another. Instead, every blockchain is seemingly doing its own thing at any given moment. Thankfully, there are a few projects which try to bridge the gap between the various blockchains. 4. Polkadot Although the name would not necessarily […]

The 5 Coolest Women in Crypto Right Now

The crypto space isn’t exactly overflowing with women. In fact, only between 5 to 7 percent of all cryptocurrency users are female. Is it harder for women to find their place in a male-dominated industry? Between the condescending “boys’ club” attitude and a seeming reluctance to gamble away their money, the ladies are holding back. […]

Top 5 Platforms Where World Cup 2018 Meets Cryptocurrency

World Cup 2018 is here! For sports enthusiasts within the cryptocurrency space, there are a number of opportunities to combine both their passions. As blockchain technology enables individuals to connect with one another and events throughout the world in ways never before seen, there are a number of exciting opportunities to enjoy this year’s World […]