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What Is Ambrosus?

Blockchain technology can make a big impact on our society in many ways. Especially when it comes to supply chains, there is a lot of progress to be made. Ambrosus aims to do exactly that, as it plans to combine sensors, blockchain technology, and smart contracts to offer quality food and medicine. What is Ambrosus Exactly? Ambrosus […]

What Is Particl (PART)?

Bringing more privacy to the cryptocurrency ecosystem is not easy by any means. Several currencies focus on this area, yet only a few of them will succeed in the long term. Particl is a decentralized privacy platform designed to work with any cryptocurrency. It also packs a lot of additional functionality which is well worth looking […]

What Is PeerAssets?

There are many facets of cryptocurrency in which most people will never show any interest. Until now, there has been virtually no talk about PeerAssets, even though this particular Peercoin-related venture should not be overlooked by any means. It certainly offers some interesting advantages when it comes to creating new digital assets. What is PeerAssets? On […]

What Is INS?

It may come as a surprise to many, but the online grocery market is projected to grow from US$98 billion in 2015 to a staggering $290 billion by 2020. However, even with all of that growth potential, this market is severely hampered by issues related to retail monopolization and ineffective promotion. The INS ecosystem is a global […]

What Is Theta Token?

There is an obvious connection between cryptocurrencies and gaming. The same applies to blockchain technology and eSports, especially when it comes to content delivery. Theta aims to disrupt the video delivery industry by issuing its tokens to streamers, eSports players, and others. It is quite an undertaking that requires a lot of people.   What is […]

What Is BitBay?

BitBay is one of those projects which may transform the way we think about free markets. With decentralized marketplaces becoming more popular, it is only normal there will be some steep competition in this area. BitBay is similar to OpenBazaar in some ways, although there are some interesting aspects to it which make it stand […]

What Is Melon Coin?

Melonport is a pretty intriguing project, mainly because it focuses on building a next-generation asset management computer. The company has been around for quite some time now, and its Melon product has seen some major developments over the past few months. There’s also the native Melon Coin to take into account. What is Melonport? Melonport is […]

How AirSwap Is Changing the Game for Decentralized Exchanges

AirSwap is a New York and Hong Kong-based decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that launched its token trader on February 1 of this year. Through blockchain technology, AirSwap enables users to trade ERC20-compliant tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. AirSwap is a decentralized exchange with a peer-to-peer protocol. This means that users have the ability to discover and negotiate […]

What Is iExec RLC?

Blockchain technology allows for the creation of innovative business models. iExec is one of those projects which seeks to combine blockchain with cloud computing. It aims to build the first marketplace for cloud resources in a decentralized manner. There are quite a few intriguing aspects to this project, and it is fully powered by the RLC token. What Exactly […]

What Is AdEx?

Decentralizing the advertising industry is an intriguing concept, yet it will be very difficult to achieve. AdEx, a blockchain-based project, aims to create a decentralized ad exchange to disrupt online advertising as we know it. Moreover, this Ethereum-based project seeks to address advertising fraud, improve privacy, and empower users. What is AdEx Trying to Achieve? Most […]

What Is Viacoin?

Even though Bitcoin is still the world’s leading cryptocurrency to date, it is not the only currency people should be paying attention to. Thousands of altcoins exist as of right now, yet only a select few will achieve their goals in the future. Viacoin is not your average altcoin, as it has some interesting features that make […]

What Is WaBi?

There are currently more than US$461 billion worth of fake goods circulating around the globe. This problem is especially pertinent in China, where fake pharmaceutical drugs have infiltrated and plagued the market in a big way. Back in 2008, over 300,000 babies fell victim to adulterated food items which, upon investigation, were found to have been […]

What Is Zodiac?

There can never be enough competition among cryptocurrency exchanges. Even though the number of decentralized markets is increasing, Zodiac will be a centralized solution targeting the retail market. The Zodiac Cryptocurrency Exchange It is quite interesting to see how the team has decided to venture into the world of cryptocurrency trading all of a […]

What Is Peercoin?

Most people currently venturing into cryptocurrency may not know about some of the currencies which helped create this ecosystem. Peercoin is one of those currencies which a lot of people tend to forget about, even though it is still a thing. There are a lot of interesting features of Peercoin which people should be paying attention […]

What Is the Ripio Credit Network?

Many people view cryptocurrencies as a legitimate threat to traditional finance. Moreover, currencies such as Bitcoin offer financial services to people in underbanked regions. Ripio Credit Network wants to connect lenders and borrowers all over the world to establish a peer-to-peer global credit network. What does the Ripio Credit Network Provide? The Ripio Credit Network wants […]