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Nigeria’s Poor Turn to Crypto Bounty Hunting

Bounty hunting platforms are showing that cryptocurrencies are offering a way out of poverty for some, writes Coindesk. A bounty is a simple task or job created by a coin developer that you carry out to earn coins or tokens, usually before and during an initial coin offering (ICO). The main areas are typically Tweeting […]

Cryptocurrencies Are Helping Venezuela’s Poor as Conditions Worsen

A Venezuelan, using the alias “Hector” to protect his identity, has spoken out against the Madura regime illustrating how the country’s poor is increasingly relying on cryptocurrency for survival, writes Bitcoin magazine. As Bitcoin News reported recently hyperinflation is rampant in Venezuela and as a result, Bitcoin trading volume keeps hitting new records each week. […]

Facebook Creates Director of Engineering Blockchain Position

Facebook has confirmed that they have created a new position, Director of Engineering Blockchain, and have appointed Evan Chang. This is the latest in a series of developments that show social media powerhouse Facebook is considering blockchain technology integration. Evan Chang was the head of Programmable Languages & Runtimes at Facebook for the past 3 […]

Viber Messenger to Launch Cryptocurrency in Russia Next Year

Viber, a cross-platform instant messaging and voice-over IP application operated by Japanese multinational company Rakuten, has plans to become a platform for its parent company’s cryptocurrency, Rakuten Coin. The Japanese conglomerate is studying the recent legal developments regarding digital assets in Russia in order to launch the new service in 2019. Rakuten Coin to Enter Russia… […]

Facebook Lifts Its Cryptocurrency Ad Ban – Sort Of

Facebook has made changes to its policies concerning cryptocurrency. Rob Leathern, Product Management Director for the popular social media site, recently noted, “In January we announced a new policy to prohibit ads that promote financial products and services that are frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices such as binary options, initial coin offerings, […]

Facebook Unbans Cryptocurrency Advertisements but Still Disallows ICOs

Multiple technology companies have taken a harsh stance on cryptocurrency advertisements. Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter have all removed cryptocurrency advertisements from their platforms. Surprisingly, Facebook has already reversed its decision in a very peculiar way. Facebook Changes its Mind The proposed ban on cryptocurrency advertisements on the Facebook platform was not received well by […]

Associations Challenging Crypto Ads Ban to Proceed with Lawsuit

Facebook’s recent decision to partially lift the ban on crypto ads will not stop a planned legal action against the measure. Crypto associations and businesses from several countries announced earlier this year their intentions to sue internet giants imposing such restrictions. The claimants want to proceed with filing the lawsuit, despite the policy update. Also […]

Facebook Makes Unexpected U-Turn on Crypto Advertising

Social media giant Facebook has suggested in a blog post that it may allow some companies to place adds on their platform despite the recent cryptocurrency advertising ban. The new measures are the launching of a “cryptocurrency products and services onboarding request” form which will allow Facebook selective advertising. The company suggests minor changes to […]