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Facebook Faces Defamation Lawsuit in Connection with Cryptocurrency-Related Advertisements

Things are quickly going from bad to worse for Facebook. The world’s leading social media platform is under fire from many angles. Despite their outspoken attitude toward cryptocurrencies, it has become evident they approved fake ICO advertisements using the name and image of Martin Lewis. More Legal Trouble for Facebook Over the past few months, things […]

Blockchain Empowers You with Your Personal Data

In a world where knowledge is power, your personal data is constantly being sold to marketing companies and contributing to statistics used for research and product development. Google and Facebook, for example, are constantly profiling you behind the scenes, using your data to make targeted adverts more effective. Did you know you could download your […]

Macau Warning to Public Over Possible Fraud with Cryptocurrency Firm, Links to Cambridge Analytica

Financial authorities in Macau have issued a warning over possible ‘fraud and criminal activities’ in relation to a cryptocurrency firm backed by a former gangster. The warning comes following revelations that Macau Dragon Group, a firm associated with ‘Broken Tooth’ Wan Kuok-koi, employed the British company Cambridge Analytica, to promote its token, Dragon Coin, a… […]

Reuters: Cambridge Analytica Planned to Issue Digital Currency and ICO

Last year, Cambridge Analytica was developing plans to raise money by issuing a digital currency and accompanying initial coin offering (ICO) before the firm became entangled in a scandal surrounding the misuse of Facebook users’ personal data, according to sources who spoke with Reuters. The British data analytics consultancy was looking to raise as much as… […]

Coinbase Uses Crypto Winter to Expand – Acquires Decentralized Wallet Startup

Crypto winter? What crypto winter! The exchange arguably most responsible for onboarding bitcoin investors, Coinbase, has not allowed sour price levels to keep them complacent, conservative. Instead, they’ve maintained a breakneck pace, forming a venture capital fund, hiring top executive talent, and now they’re gobbling up competitors such as Cipher Browser. Also read: Russian Court Bans […]

Russian Court Bans Telegram, Founder Pavel Durov Defiant

Russian security services ordered Telegram to hand over access to encrypted user messages, but the messaging application (app) refused. Founder Pavel Durov didn’t bother to send lawyers to Moscow’s Tagansky court in response, and the court dutifully ruled against his company, taking less than 20 minutes in decreeing an immediate ban. Also read: CBS’s NCIS Los […]