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La Bitcoineta: Argentine Non-Profit Tackles Lack of Knowledge in Local Communities, Push for Crypto-Driven Change

As Bitcoin’s popularity and user base continue to grow, companies involved with the cryptocurrency are progressing from merely providing the infrastructure needed such as wallets and exchanges, to providing sophisticated services such as healthcare or gaming applications. With an innovative fintech sector emerging to service the cryptocurrency market, financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs have begun […]

Huobi Executive on Vitalik Buterin’s Crypto Exchanges Can “Burn in Hell” Comment

A Huobi Executive has described Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin’s comments on decentralized exchanges as ‘visceral.’ He also claimed that crypto exchanges have failed following recent hacks, including the Bancor protocol for $23 million, in an interview with NewsBTC. Huobi Exec: “a Visceral Statement” General Counsel and CCO of Huobi UK, Josh Goodbody, said that although… […]

eToro Executive: Crypto Correction in 2018 is a Blessing in Disguise, Bull Market Expected

The UK head of eToro has revealed how many crypto assets the social trading platform is looking to add and criticized reporting on blockchain technology by mainstream media. In an interview with NewsBTC, he said that the recent bear market has been a ‘blessing in disguise’ for crypto companies. eToro Considers Six New Coins UK… […]

Exclusive: Coinbase Will Add GBP Support to Ease Withdrawals in UK

The Coinbase UK CEO has confirmed that support for GBP withdrawals and deposits will be rolled out over the next few weeks. In an interview with NewsBTC, he also said that Coinbase Custody has had a ‘lot of interest’ and that they have had to restrict how many investors they can take on. Support for… […]

Exclusive: Former BlackRock Exec Explains Why Institutional Investors Not in Crypto Yet

A professional investor, who has worked at BlackRock, explained the main reasons why institutional investors are watching the crypto market but not yet getting involved. Speaking in London Tech Week he said that regulatory uncertainty, volatility and lack of education are the main obstacles. Where is the Smart Money? Adam Grimsley, co founder of Prime… […]

Exclusive: NEO GM Says Blockchain Could be Used to Replace Facebook

A senior NEO executive has questioned how Facebook handles data, offering blockchain as a solution to the problem of data consent. Speaking on his first time in London, he also said NEO are planning to create a European office to access the western market. Blockchain: More Transparent and Private Chen ‘Johnson’ Zhao, General Manager of… […]

EU Terrorist Funding Study: Crypto No Greater Threat Than Traditional Currency, Increased Regulations Required

In a study published Monday, the EU parliamentary think tank has concluded that cryptocurrencies present no more of a threat to terrorist financing than fiat currencies, while improved regulations, industry intelligence, and community relationship building offer the strongest policy actions to combat the threat. The report was commissioned by the European Parliament’s Policy Department for Citizens’ […]

A Philanthropist’s Love Letter to Bitcoin: Why $80M in Bitcoin Was Given Away to Charity

The pseudonymous founder of Pineapple Fund, which donated over USD 80 million (value at time of founding) to charity, recently bid farewell after giving away every single satoshi of the Bitcoin fund. Known only as ‘Pine’, the Bitcoin philanthropist spoke to Bitcoin News and has not ruled out a return to altruism, calling similar ventures “almost […]

GDPR Day 1: Apprehension, Nonchalance Dominate Mood of Crypto SMEs

As the first day of Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implementation comes to a close, smaller business owners and investors active within the cryptocurrency scene find themselves coming to terms with a new period of crypto-related commerce, trade and enterprise. Along with recent EU AML directives now encompassing cryptocurrency, some have expressed lingering concerns on […]

Exclusive Coverage of Digital Currency Innovation in Music Panel at New York’s Premier Studios

In case you missed last week’s exciting panel discussion held at prestigious Premier Studios in New York, look no further. Bitcoin Magazine had the camera rolling and caught the whole thing. Our very own Tatiana Moroz was featured on the panel and was able to interview several other panel members at the event. Panelists consisted […]

Bitcoin is Revolutionizing How Consumers Buy Music

Today, music consumption is stronger than ever, but you probably would not be surprised that a great many consumers are turning to subscription-based platforms rather than actually purchasing songs or albums. The bulk of this consumption comes from streaming; companies like Spotify, Pandora and Rhapsody are leading this trend. However, there are many artists that […]