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What Is Zodiac?

There can never be enough competition among cryptocurrency exchanges. Even though the number of decentralized markets is increasing, Zodiac will be a centralized solution targeting the retail market. The Zodiac Cryptocurrency Exchange It is quite interesting to see how the team has decided to venture into the world of cryptocurrency trading all of a […]

Pool Mining for Average Joe

Despite the rise in mainstream media adopting a more positive stance on cryptocurrencies, at least in terms of reporting on the actual news relating to the subject, the regulatory environment remains as murky and as uncertain as ever. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are banned in around a half-dozen countries around the world and it remains […]

Coincheck Produces Recovery Plan While Investors Flock to Withdraw Funds

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck has submitted a report to the country’s financial authority outlining measures it will take following the hack that lost 58 billion yen worth of the cryptocurrency NEM from its platform. However, customers rush to withdraw 40.1 billion yen of their funds so far as the exchange resumes yen withdrawal service. Also […]


With the cryptocurrency industry becoming a lot more popular lately, it is only normal that there is more competition among exchanges and trading platforms. Right now, most centralized exchanges have a few things in common, including trading fees and a lack of tradable currencies. With COBINHOOD, that situation will change sooner rather than later. It […]

What Is KuCoin Shares?

Altcoin exchanges have been a hot topic recently. Top exchanges earned tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars in 2017, despite users of virtually all exchanges running into frequent and significant problems. Such a huge market, combined with the lackluster nature of top providers, creates a prime opportunity for new exchanges to enter the market and potentially […]

Coincheck Hack Highlights the Need for Proper Decentralized Exchanges

Many different lessons can be learned from the Coincheck debacle. The heist on this Bitcoin exchange raises a lot of questions and provides few answers. Additionally, it seems criminals will continue to exploit any sort of weakness on centralized platforms. As such, there is a growing need for decentralized trading solutions. These decentralized exchanges will […]

Coinsquare to Launch IPO on TSX — Hopes to Compete With Coinbase

This week the well known Canadian digital asset exchange, Coinsquare announced its plans to launch an initial public offering (IPO) hoping to raise $150 million CAD ($120Mn USD). Coinsquare hopes the funding will help the platform be a direct competitor with cryptocurrency brokerage services like Coinbase and other U.S. based exchanges. Also read: Russia Finalizes Federal Law […]

Kraken’s Upgrade Isn’t Going Smoothly, but Customer Funds are Safe

The Kraken exchange is currently undergoing one of the longest maintenance routines in the company’s history. Although this upgrade was originally scheduled for December, it seems the team has finally gotten around to making some much-needed infrastructure improvements. Unfortunately, it seems things are taking a lot longer than originally anticipated. Fixing its horrible system will take a […] Petition Aims to Make XRP a Base Trading Market on Exchanges

Ripple’s XRP asset has been of great interest to financial institutions, traders, and speculators all over the world. Although it is pretty volatile due to the fact that it is traded against cryptocurrencies, things are still looking pretty solid for the time being. A new petition on aims to make XRP the base currency for […]

Beware of Fake Kucoin Search Results on Google

Over the past few years, we’ve seen cybercriminals pay more attention to cryptocurrencies than ever before. This is anything but surprising, especially given the significant appreciation of most currencies in the year 2017. It now seems someone is running a malicious Google Adwords campaign disguised as Kucoin. Given the current appeal this exchange has, it is […]

Trading Accounts Are Selling for Thousands of Dollars

As cryptocurrency continues to grow, more and more new investors are flocking in every day to buy into the coins they think are next slated to moon. Current exchanges are experiencing so much activity that they’ve been forced to turn away new users. In response, some individuals have gone ahead and purchased existing accounts, spending up […]