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EU Parliament Votes to Tighten Controls on Cryptocurrencies and Require Registration of Exchanges

Today, April 20th, EU Parliament voted in a December agreement by 574 votes to 13 votes (with 60 abstentions), which proposed tighter regulation for digital currencies in attempts to prevent the coins from being used for money laundering and terrorism financing.  The agreement will also permit EU citizens to learn about the true owners of… […]

EU Parliament Approves Formation of Digital Currency Task Force in Europe

EU Parliament has approved a proposal to launch a digital currency task force to monitor the rapid proliferation of the technology within Europe. Today’s vote passed with 542 Members of Parliament voting in favor, 51 voting against, and 11 abstentions, according to a European Parliament News article. The report, calling for the formation of the […]

EU Monetary Affairs Committee Votes on Digital Currency Regulations

Members of the EU Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs voted today to adopt the recently-released report on virtual currencies. According to an EDCAB (European Digital Currency & Blockchain Technology Forum) report, the vote passed with 54 members approving the measure and only 1 member disapproving, in addition to 2 absentee members. The report, which […]

A 0.2% Credit Card Fee in the EU Will Not Undercut Bitcoin (Op-Ed)

The European Union (EU) Parliament, on the advice of Pablo Zalba, will vote on Tuesday, March 17, on whether credit card transaction fees should be arbitrarily capped at 0.2 %. The legislation, which