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Crypto Markets Continue to Decline, Tokens Especially Affected by Bear Market

The cryptocurrency markets continue to fall despite strong fundamentals, and the market decline has been largely led by tokens.  The continued decline precedes a short lived, yet promising, rally when Bitcoin rose to approximately $8,400 on July 24th before gradually falling to lows of $6,100 on August 10th. Major Tokens Setting New Yearly Lows Although… […]

Decentralized Exchanges’ ERC20 Trading Volumes Can Be Easily Manipulated

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts have very high expectations for decentralized exchanges. DEXs embrace the decentralized aspect of cryptocurrencies and remove the need for custodians. Even so, these exchanges cannot solve all the world’s problems, as manipulation of trading and volume remains a pressing issue. Manipulating Decentralized Exchange Trading Volume A very intriguing Medium post surfaced over […]

What Is Nuo Lend?

The lending industry can benefit from cryptocurrencies in multiple ways. It taps a whole new liquidity pool, and its global nature makes lending and borrowing easier for all parties involved. Nuo Lend is trying to make an impact in this regard. Lending and borrowing Ether backed by ERC20 tokens is a unique business model. The […]

Ethfinex Outlines Its Upcoming Token Listing Changes

Ever since Bitfinex launched its secondary trading platform, there has been some uncertainty regarding how the platform handles things. As such, the Ethfinex team has decided to clarify the token listing process and further explain how some of the decisions are being made behind the scenes. The Ethfinex Listing Policy Explained It is commendable to […]

What Are IDEX Gems?

Even during extended downtrends – such as much of 2018 – savvy traders continue to utilize unique methods to make profits. If you’ve spent much time on Twitter and other mediums where traders often communicate, you’ve probably heard about IDEX gems.  The term “IDEX gem” refers to a cryptocurrency that is primarily traded on IDEX […]

A Single Incorrect Character Cripples ICON Blockchain, Bug Fix Implemented

Despite positive news regarding popular South Korean based cryptocurrency, Icon, a smart contract bug has temporarily crippled the transfer of the ICX ERC-20 token. != Or ==, Which One Is Correct? It was recently revealed that a flaw in ICX’s smart contract allowed for users to disable the transfer of all ICX ERC-20 tokens. Once… […]

Decentralized Exchange Ethex Only Lists “Useful” ERC20 Tokens

There is a growing demand for cryptocurrency and token trading platforms. Especially if there is a hint of decentralization, there will be a fair amount of interest in new solutions. Ethex is designed to trade only “useful” tokens while still maintaining the decentralized exchange model first and foremost. Ethex in a Nutshell Although one should […]

Coinbase UK CEO: Crypto is a ‘Global Revolution’

Coinbase U.K. CEO Zeeshan Feroz said that the announcement of Ethereum Classic was more successful than Bitcoin Cash at the CryptoCompare MJAC 2018 conference today. He also spoke on the use of mobile payment networks to bring financial services to the unbanked, criticized the current financial payments system, and gave a roadmap to achieve widespread… […]

What Is 0xBitcoin Cryptocurrency?

There are numerous versions of Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency world today. Most of them are ultimately irrelevant, although there is one exception in the form of Bitcoin Cash. Whether or not 0xBitcoin will make a meaningful impact in this regard remains to be seen. It is designed to be the first mineable ERC20 token, although […]

Loopring Set to Launch iOS App for Decentralized In-Wallet Trading

Loopring will release an iOS version of their Loopr wallet on July 7, enabling users to trade using the Loopring Protocol. iPhone users will be able to make decentralized trades of ERC20 tokens within the Ethereum-based app. Move to Decentralized Exchanges Centralized exchanges have been the target for DDoS attacks and cyber thefts in recent… […]