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Ethereum may Introduce its own Identity Standards Rather Soon

A lot of things are happening behind the scenes of Ethereum. While the scaling issues are being sorted, there is another project worth keeping an eye on. Introducing two new identity standards on top of this ecosystem will be a big challenge. Even though ERC20 is a standard associated with digital data, it seems separate […]

Here Are the Top 5 Ethereum Wallets Supporting ERC20 Tokens

Cryptocurrency ICOs became increasingly popular throughout 2017. During the first few months of 2018, that hype seems to have calmed down a bit, even though there’s still plenty of excitement. This is an excellent opportunity to look into various Ethereum wallets which can store ERC20 tokens. As is always the case, hardware wallets are the best solution, […]

Morning Asian trading roundup: the leading altcoin is Status

FOMO Moments The selloff continues as we enter another week in crypto land. Asian trading is all in the red once again and Bitcoin has fallen to the psychologically critical $8,000 level. If support cannot be maintained it could easily plummet even further taking all of the altcoins with it. Looking for a green signal […]

What Is EtherBTC?

Over the past few years, we have seen many altcoins come and go. Throughout 2017, it became apparent that most ERC20 tokens were the new altcoins. As such, we have seen multiple attempts to seemingly combine the best of both Bitcoin and Ethereum in one package. EtherBTC is the latest such project, although it remains to be seen if there […]

What Is Otaku Coin?

We have seen quite a few cryptocurrencies being created to fill specific needs. In some cases, these “niche coins” can be quite successful in the long run. Dogecoin is a perfect example of how success can be achieved sooner or later. Whether or not Otaku Coin will see similar success remains to be determined. The decision […]

After The Rise of its Controversial ”Digital USD” Tether Releases EURTs

Tether, creator of a USDT token claimed to be backed by the U.S. dollar, has been a hot topic of conversation lately to say the least. The company has been very successful so far issuing tokens to individuals and exchanges, but many skeptics are worried the digital currency is not backed by real fiat. Skeptics […]

Someone Created an IOTA Token on the Ethereum Blockchain

People seemingly like to issue existing cryptocurrencies and digital assets as ERC20 tokens on top of the Ethereum blockchain. There is very little to gain by doing so, other than tricking novice cryptocurrency users into buying these crappy tokens. It seems there is a fake IOTA token out there which runs on top of the […]

What Is Bitcoin Ruby?

Most of us had hoped we would never have to deal with another crappy Bitcoin fork ever again. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of opportunities waiting to be explored. Someone has put together a website for Bitcoin Ruby, although it is doubtful anything will ever come of this project. Then again, stranger things have […]

What Is the Tulip Mania ICO All About?

One term we hear all too often in the cryptocurrency world these days is “tulip mania”. Financial experts from all over the world have claimed Bitcoin to be a bubble far bigger than the tulip mania many centuries ago. In a way, it is not surprising someone would capitalize on this trend by creating an actual Tulip Mania ICO. This new […]

Bread Wallet Announces Support for ERC20 Tokens and Bitcoin Cash

There are some interesting developments in the world of cryptocurrency wallets. Up to now, no wallet provider has even attempted to reward users for their loyalty. Bread, the popular mobile Bitcoin wallet solution, plans to change all that in the coming weeks. The wallet’s team has also announced support for a few altcoins and ERC20 tokens, which […]

Caviar: Crypto & Real Estate In One Token

While the crypto boom has taken the financial world by storm, with investors seeing gains they would never have realized in traditional markets; there is a lot of volatility that many do not seem to acknowledge until they experience the downside. Investing in the gold-rush mentality is what happened back in the dotcom bubble, and […]

What Is SatanCoin?

It is always refreshing to see joke digital currencies come to market. Although these projects serve no real purpose, the creative side of things is often pretty entertaining, to say the least. SatanCoin is an example of how it is good to poke some fun at the surge of new digital tokens being created every day. […]

What Is Bitcoinereum?

Everyone knows by now that any existing cryptocurrency can be re-issued as a digital token on the Ethereum blockchain. We have seen multiple projects bring Bitcoin to the Ethereum blockchain in the form of ERC20 tokens. Although the usefulness of such tokens remains to be determined, countless competitors have emerged in this space. Bitcoinereum, for example, […]