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Scientists Grow Concerned Over Internet Porn’s Carbon Footprint

We live in very exciting times when it comes to technology and innovation. Many people are becoming more aware of how we’re ruining the environment, and scientists are looking for technical solutions. Surprisingly, Internet porn is one of the contributing factors to environmental problems. The industry’s carbon footprint may become a lot larger over time. Internet […]

Seabins Clean the Ocean Surface by Removing Plastic and Cigarette Butts

If it were not for the human race, the ocean wouldn’t be littered with so much trash. Thankfully, some members of our species are actively working on a solution to ensure this problem gets solved sooner rather than later. Over in the United Kingdom, the nation’s first seabin has been installed. When fully operational, this contraption will […]

Bitcoin Review 2014 Part II: VC Investment and Regulatory Environment

CoinTelegraph continues its Bitcoin Review 2014 with the second of three installments, this one covering VC investment and the international regulatory environment. The aim of the review is to provide

AlphaPoint’s ‘Million Transactions per Second’ Attracts Bitfinex Growth Partnership

Software provider AlphaPoint could very well be the most important Bitcoin company you’ve never heard of. After first making waves with the announcement of US$1.35 million in funding raised via VC fir

Bitcoin Around the World With CCN

What if colleges and universities around the world had clubs dedicated to cryptocurrency where students could learn about emerging technologies and get in frequent communication with each other? This is already happening. And membership is not limited to college students. It’s called the College Cryptocurrency Network (CCN). Through the help of the CCN, different members […]

Don’t Raise Bitcoin Transaction Fees

There’s been some concern about Bitcoin transaction fees, lately, and the outlook appears grim. A new study by Dr. Kaskaloglu claims that our low fees are unsustainable, and Gavin Andreson’s proposed new system could raise them drastically. While changes will need to be made, eventually, most of this F.U.D. is unnecessary, and contrary to the ideals […]