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Coca-Cola and the U.S. State Department Teams Up To Reduce Forced Labour Using Blockchain

Coca-Cola is joining forces with the U.S. State Department and three other organizations — Bitfury Group, Blockchain Trust Accelerator (BTA), and Emercoin — to launch a blockchain-based project that aims to create a secure registry for workers to fight the use of forced labor worldwide. This is the State Department’s first major blockchain project, and serves […]

HitBTC trading platform adds support for Emercoin

On September 9, 2016, HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange adds support for Emercoin (EMC), opening EMC to BTC exchange market. EMC/EUR pair will also be listed soon. Emercoin is a digital currency, launched in late 2013. However, EMC cryptocurrency is just a part of a bigger idea. Emercoin is a blockchain platform that provides different blockchain services, […]

Emercoin Brings World’s First End-user Blockchain Solution To Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure has been adding various blockchain-based solutions to their platform over the past few months. However, Emercoin is the first blockchain engine to make it to this platform. What the Emercoin Blockchain Engine does is bring distributed ledger technology to the end user directly. As a result, it is possible to deploy Emercoin-based blockchain […]