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What Is Guarda?

There has been a growing demand among cryptocurrency enthusiasts for wallet solutions which support multiple currencies. Guarda may become a big player in this regard, as it offers quite a bit of functionality. It supports plenty of currencies and tokens, and goes well beyond traditional wallet services. The Guarda Wallet Service Over the years, web-based […]

What Is Cahrenheit?

The automotive sector has shown an increasing interest in blockchain technology. As vehicles become smarter and more autonomous, new technologies need to be used to accommodate these major changes. Cahrenheit is a new blockchain infrastructure for the automotive industry powered by VeChainThor. Cahrenheit in a Nutshell The VeChainThor team has been working on a few […]

What Is Huobi Cloud?

Cryptocurrency firms are always looking for ways to expand their existing offerings. Huobi, a popular exchange and trading platform, is doing so by branching out into new industries. The launch of Huobi Cloud is an effort to advance blockchain development and adoption. The Idea Behind Huobi Cloud For Huobi, it has always been key to […]

What Is Open Banking, and Is It Good or Bad?

You know that major feature of blockchain technology? The one that cuts out the intermediaries and drives down the fees? Open banking is like fintech’s solution to that. If your bank is involved in open banking, it means that it’s part of a network of financial institutions. And between these institutions, your data is shared securely […]

What Is Provenance?

Hundreds of companies are exploring use cases within the blockchain industry. It is evident there are a lot of potential use cases to explore, even though very few of them will impact the real world. Provenance is taking a different approach by streamlining the supply chain model to empower all cogs in the proverbial machine. […]

What Is TCXHub?

Competition is heating up in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges. There is a growing demand for decentralized solutions. Although TCXHub may not be completely decentralized, it allows users to trade any cryptocurrency against any other. It’s an interesting idea that can make the cryptocurrency ecosystem a lot more competitive. The Idea Behind TCXHub TCXHub is […]

What Is BTCPay?

Bitcoin payment processors come in many different shapes and sizes. In every single case, users rely on centralized parties to take care of most of the legwork. BTCPay Server is an interesting solution in this regard, as it provides self-hosted payment processing through the BitPay API. The Concept of BTCPay Competition in the world of […]

What Is the 0x Portal?

The 0x protocol is designed to revolutionize cryptocurrency trading and tokenization. A fair few projects already make use of this technology, although it can be very difficult to find out about such projects. The 0x Portal has therefore been designed to highlight the various relayers which facilitate ERC20 token trading. The 0x Portal Has Arrived Facilitating […]

Top Resources for Learning About Cryptocurrency

The majority of jobs in cryptocurrency require computer science degrees or a strong background in tech. Blockchain development is now the most searched-for freelance skill, having skyrocketed by over 6,000 percent since last year. But in this booming industry, there’s still plenty of room for all kinds of people to get on board. The crypto […]

What Is TaTaTu Cryptocurrency?

Over the past few years, people have become aware of the fact that their personal data is often used by social media companies and online retailers for advertising purposes. In addition, a surge in the number of recent data privacy scandals has forced more people to make use of advanced security protocols so that they […]

CFA Adds Topics on Cryptos and Blockchain Technology to Its Exams

Once the genie leaves the bottle, it’s impossible to put back. This narrative has been quite true for the crypto and blockchain industry. After coming under attack in its early days, most often from those industries that it disrupted the most, a sharp turnaround has come about in the last few years as more adversaries […]

What Are EtherSportz and ESZCoin Cryptocurrency?

There is a growing connection between cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and eSports. EtherSportz aims to make big things happen, as the company is designed to facilitate eSports matchmaking and tournament hosting. The Idea Behind EtherSportz There has been a growing focus on the eSports industry over the past few years. This industry has grown from a […]

Russian Universities Announce New Crypto Courses

Bitcoin continued to make strides within higher education as three Russian universities have recently added cryptocurrency programs and diplomas to their curriculum. The three universities, Voronzeh State University, Don State Technical University and Novosibirsk State University, will roll out these new courses in the upcoming fall semester. A bachelors program will be offered at VSU, […]

What Is BullCryp?

The cryptocurrency world is undergoing some big changes. These developments will pave the way for broader adoption of Bitcoin and the various altcoins. BullCryp wants to be a part of that, and this multi-exchange trading and data dashboard can be of great value to the right people. The Concept of BullCryp For novice users and […]