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What Is Monaco?

There is a lot of fierce competition in the world of cryptocurrency-related debit cards. Although a lot of companies were forced to end their services, new competitors will emerge fairly soon. One of those companies goes by the name of Monaco, even though it has nothing to do with the luxurious part of France. The […]

What Is DeepBrain Chain?

There is no shortage of innovation in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Some companies take things to a whole new level by integrating innovative technologies. DeepBrain Chain is doing exactly that, as it combines artificial intelligence with blockchain technology to build an entirely new computing platform. An Overview of DeepBrain Chain Computing platforms are anything but […]

What Is Agoras?

In the world of blockchain technology, we often see projects created on top of existing solutions which seemingly fly under the radar. In the case of Agoras, it is a solution built on top of Tau-Chain, which aims to allow users to implement virtually any peer-to-peer network. Agoras looks to improve upon this concept by being […]

What Is Gulden?

We live in a time when there are hundreds upon hundreds of cryptocurrencies to choose from and learn about. A recent comment on a post of mine mentioned a cryptocurrency called Gulden that I had not heard of before, and I was intrigued to learn more about it. Thanks to Arjan Stam for sharing your cryptocurrency […]

3 Ways Decentralized Gaming Platforms Will Disrupt the Gaming Industry

As the gaming industry starts to utilize blockchain technology to drive digital innovation, there has been an uptick in the creation of “decentralized gaming platforms.” Decentralized gaming platforms serve as a one stop shop for gamers and developers to create and play games, sell/purchase virtual goods, and make use of cryptocurrencies. These platforms can also […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Counterparty

While many cryptocurrencies exist as competitors to or as evolutions of the Bitcoin protocol, there are other initiatives that instead seek to cooperate and bolster the pioneer blockchain. Perhaps the oldest and most profound of these projects is Counterparty, an asset layer created directly on the Bitcoin blockchain. What is Counterparty? Counterparty (XCP) is a […]

What Is SophiaTX?

Finding the right use cases in the blockchain industry can prove to be a challenging venture. A lot of these efforts focus on financial solutions, even though distributed ledgers can make a big impact in virtually all other areas. SophiaTX aims to bridge the gap between blockchain and other business models. This new platform offers […]

What Is ETHLend?

There are many different business opportunities in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Decentralized lending is a business venture a lot of companies would like to explore. ETHLend is doing exactly that, as their secure financial marketplace for peer-to-peer lending using blockchain and smart contracts is being developed as we speak. It is evident there […]

What Is Achain?

When it comes to projects embracing smart contract technology, there is quite a lot of competition in the marketplace. Achain hopes to make a positive impact in this area over the next few years. The platform is designed to build a boundless blockchain reality, which sounds rather ambitious. Why was Achain Created? The Achain team decided to […]

What Is BTrash?

The cryptocurrency community is home to a lot of creative and unique projects. We have seen some great innovations, transparent Ponzi schemes, and now a crypto-oriented harassment campaign against Bitcoin Cash. Known as BTrash, this new project aims to inform the general public about useless currencies, and more specifically, about Bitcoin Cash. It is evident […]

What Is the Cryptocurrency Anti-Phishing Working Group?

Cryptocurrency users are often targeted by criminals of all kinds. Whether through malicious software, hacked platforms, or phishing sites and emails, the number of threats has not diminished in the slightest. To counter all of this, there is a cryptocurrency anti-phishing working group. This group aims to help participants in the cryptocurrency ecosystem protect their assets from […]

What Is Bibox?

Over the past few years, we have seen multiple cryptocurrency exchanges issue their own tokens. That in itself is not surprising, even though these tokens may not necessarily appreciate in value as much as some people would like them to. Bibox, one of the smaller exchanges out there, has successfully issued their own token as […]

What Is Xtrabytes?

There can never be enough competition in the world of blockchain service providers. Xtrabytes hopes to make a positive impact on this industry in the months and years to come. They focus on providing a modular blockchain platform offering better security, scalability, and decentralization opportunities. It has its own algorithm and consensus method, as well […]

What Is Einsteinium?

With the crypto domain branching out at a rapid rate, there are new alt-assets being released to the public on a day-to-day basis. Einsteinium is one such platform that has been designed to facilitate development and innovation within the scientific domain through the use of blockchain technology. Many crypto enthusiasts might be familiar with Einsteinium […]