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BitPay’s E-Commerce Plugins Now Support Bitcoin Cash Payments

Allowing more companies and retailers to accept cryptocurrency payments will not be easy. In fact, it has been rather problematic over the past few years. Payment processors such as BitPay aim to contribute in this regard by releasing convenient plugins for WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and others. These plugins have now received an update which allows users to […]

When Blockchain Saves Customer Reviews, All of E-commerce Will Prosper

In the climate of click bait, unreliable journalists and “fake news,” it’s something of an unspoken rule that any you should take any opinion with a pinch of salt. Professional review writing industries, as well as aggregates, have arguably been irrevocably tainted by financial interests. They are, after all, companies and as such have been […]

Ad Trackers on E-Commerce Sites Can Be Used to Deanonymize Bitcoin Users

Many people assume Bitcoin transactions are anonymous. That is not the case by any means, even though it is possible for users to remain pseudonymous at all times. That being said, initiatives are underway to successfully unmask parties to Bitcoin transactions when needed. It appears a technique is currently deployed on e-commerce websites in the form […]