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UK Police Top up Budget With Proceeds From Sale of Seized BTC

A UK police department has sold 295 BTC which they say were legally seized from a drug dealer. The court ordered him to forfeit his crypto stored in a hardware wallet. The police reportedly get to keep 18.8% of the sale proceeds. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space British Police Seized BTC […]

Ukraine’s Proposal for Steps to Regulate Crypto Revealed as Popularity Grows

The Ukraine National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSMCS) has indicated that the Financial Stability Council (FSC) is considering further crypto regulation in that country. The FSC is the Ukrainian body responsible for assessing and minimizing risk in the country’s national financial sector. The council comprises of the Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine, […]

Surrey Police, First in the UK to Confiscate and Sell BTC

UK Surrey Police is reported to have completed its own Bitcoin transaction earlier this year after trading the proceeds of confiscated 296 BTCs, according to Forbes. The sale, reportedly the first by a local police force in the UK, took place after Latvian Seregjs Teresko was arrested and deported for money laundering. Teresko has been […]

Black Gold, Texas Tea? No, Crypto Mining Next Big Thing in the Lone Star State

The US state of Texas and oil seem completely synonymous, with even a long-running TV series based around the black stuff, but now it seems there’s another money spinner in town; crypto mining. It seems that more and more Texans are taking to small-scale home-operated crypto mining according to the Dallas Morning News, and leaving […]

US Congressman Sherman Feels Wrath of Twitter After Anti Crypto Remarks

US Congressman Bradley Sherman has become extremely unpopular with Twitter followers over the past twenty-four hours. As reported yesterday by Bitcoin News, California Democrat Brad Sherman boldly declared his belief that all cryptocurrency mining and trades should be banned across the US. His announcement made during Wednesday’s long-awaited House of Representatives Financial Services Committee meeting […]

New Zealand Bank Considers DLT to Boost Customer Service

SBS Bank in New Zealand is looking at blockchain and how the technology could impact customer account usability within its banking network. Local news source The Southland Times has reported that the bank recently discussed both cryptocurrency and blockchain at a recent SBS annual meeting, after which the bank’s group chief executive Shaun Drylie made the […]

New Chinese-Swiss Partnership in Global Restaurant Loyalty Program Announced

Swiss loyalty token protocol qiibee has announced a partnership with Chinese loyalty rewards solution, foodchains, according to Global Banking and Finance Review. The Swiss company, based in the Crypto Valley city of Zug, known for working with global brands, is to link with foodchains in order to enhance the customer’s overall experience in the Chinese-owned restaurant […]

Indian Ponzi Mastermind Offers to Pay Back Investments, but Not at Current Value

Amit Bhardwaj, the Indian Gain Bitcoin entrepreneur accused of being behind what has become one of the biggest Bitcoin scams in history, has reportedly offered to return initial investments in the scheme to investors. He is also the founder of Amaze Mining and Research Limited and one of the pioneers of Bitcoin in the Indian […]

Indian Bitcoin Ponzi Schemer Offers to Repay Initial Investments to Victims

The alleged bitcoin Ponzi kingpin, Amit Bhardwaj, has reportedly offered to pay back the initial investments in Indian rupees to those who lost money through his scheme. However, victims want the current value of their cryptocurrencies, not the initial investments. Zebpay, one of India’s largest crypto exchanges, has also been called in to help with […]

Stellar Becomes First Sharia Law Approved DLT Protocol

Open source protocol Stellar has announced that it is now Sharia Law compliant in the cryptocurrency space, according to Cointelegraph. Stellar has claimed to be the first DLT protocol to receive such certification, and the company has been the focus of a Shariyah Review Bureau examination. The bureau is an advisory body licensed by the […]

Global Regulators Consider Capital Requirements on Bank Crypto Holdings

Cryptocurrency assets held by banks may soon become subject to new capital requirements enforced by global financial regulators, as they struggle to fit digital currencies into conventional asset ordinance. In a report published Monday by the Financial Stability Board (FSB), the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision outlined an agenda of promoting financial stability through strengthening regulation […]

38% of South Africans Polled Regret Missing Early Bitcoin Uptake

A recent poll in South Africa on awareness and attitudes towards cryptocurrency has shown that 38% of respondents wished that they had invested in digital currency before, writes Cointelegraph. The poll was conducted by Pan-African financial services company Old Mutual Limited. The annual Savings and Investment Monitor survey for South Africa revealed that in general, […]

Blockchain Company R3 Mulls IPO

R3 has announced considerations of launching an initial public offering (IPO). Advisors are being consulted regarding the viability of an IPO, as several potential buyers have already approached the company. The final decision lies on the shoulders of R3’s founder and CEO David Rutter, with input given from R3’s investors. R3 is a blockchain collaboration […]

BlackRock CEO Clarifies Rumors About Crypto Involvement

On Monday, NewsBTC reported that a prominent investment management firm has recently assembled a team to investigate the industry and may offer crypto services in the future. However, the situation has developed further, with BlackRock’s CEO stating that its client base does not currently hold an interest in investing in cryptocurrencies. BlackRock CEO Clarifies Rumors… […]

Bulgaria to Monitor Crypto Market with Focus on Regulatory Steps

Bulgaria has announced that it is to begin monitoring cryptocurrency and ICO activities in the country through its government watchdog, according to Cryptovest. The focus of Bulgaria’s Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) will be securing a safeguard against illegal activity such as money laundering and fraud connected with cryptocurrency. As reported in Bitcoin News over the […]