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NEO reaches record high

There will always be winners and losers in the crypto race, and while most altcoins are still flying high from levels a couple of months ago, some tend to stand out in the crowd. NEO is one of those coins that has remained bullish when the bears have influenced the rest. Last week saw a […]

NEO DevCon San Francisco Is Almost Upon Us!

Developer conferences have become a popular aspect of cryptocurrency as of late. Although most people have no coding skills whatsoever, it is still well worth their time to attend such an event. Especially when it comes to emerging altcoins such as NEO, there is plenty of information to take away from conferences. Speaking of which, NEO […]

What to Expect From DEVCON2 and The Global Blockchain Summit

DEVCON2 is the second installment of the Ethereum’s Developer Conference, an R&D-focused event to put exciting projects in the spotlight.  Developers, investors, users and community members of the ‘crypto sphere’ from all over the world will meet in Shangai, China, the reason? the biggest Blockchain event of the year. The event will span for 6 days […]